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Depends on what you consider "safe"... FDA safe? While it has not received FDA approval, both Melanotan One and Melanotan II have gone to human trials in about a dozen countries including Australia.

Most recently Melanotan One was approved in Italy for treatment of people that are allergic to the sun.

Safe as far as "it probably will not kill you"... Then yes, it probably is safe as literally thousands of bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts have used it (and continue to use it).

Sitting in the direct sun continues to be more harmful as you're exposed to both UVA and UVB rays. The only protection against UVA is either pigment or a physical sunblock like Titanium Dioxide.

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What bremelanotide made of?

Just like the related melanotan-1 ("afamelanotide") and melanotan II peptides bremelanotide is composed of amino acids.

If you took 11 milligrams of melanotan 1 before you found out you were pregnant what are the chances of birth defects?

Definitely one should not be using a melanotan peptide when pregnant or breast feeding as the effects on the child are unknown. That said there's never been a report of a birth defect possibly stemming from melanotan peptide usage despite thousands of people using them for a number of years. You can check here for more info: - afafamelanotide

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You have just got 30mg Melanotan 2 but you are having minor surgery laparoscopy in 3weeks time does anyone know if it is safe to use before or should you wait till after?

You should have no problems. I have not seen anything that would affect thinning of blood or problems with clotting factors but I would look into it under these auspices.

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Is there a drug to help women in an intimate setting?

Yes, such medications exist for women. Women can even use the drugs marketed to men since women's genitals work similarly to male genitals in terms of erection. However, that only works with arousal, not desire. Specifically for women, there is Intrinsa. It is a low dose testosterone patch, though it is not approved in the US. Bremelanotide is an experimental peptide chemical. It is a shortened form of MSH (melanin stimulating hormone) which has been altered. It started as Melanotan I, which is synthetically produced but bioidentical MSH. Melanotan II is an abbreviated peptide that also helps darken the skin. However, there are concerns it is unsafe and may lead to melanoma, so it will likely never legally enter the market. It is being sold clandestinely, however. MT II has some interesting side effects, including increased sex drive and loss of appetite. Bremelanotide is MT II that has been altered to prevent changes to the skin while keeping the increased sex drive and appetite suppression. It is not available in the US yet but may soon be a prescription product.

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How do you get whiter skin within one week?

There is a drug called Melanotan II, this is either an injectible liquid or a orally ingested tablet. Either way your skin will go from a pale white to a dark brown within a couple of weeks, combine this with sun baking or a solarium, and bam you got darker skin in a week. This may be hard to obtian depending on where you live. Essentially all the drug does is increase the amount of vitamin B in your skin causing the pigmentation in your skin to darken.

How do you change your skin color from white to black?

you can get a Huge tan or get plastic surgery to get black skin and your white Lets first assume you are serious. Next, be aware that the following could be very dangerous. For the book "Black Like Me" (required reading) As well as "Soul Sister" (IMHO even better) The authors used a prescription drug of a class of medications called Psoralens. This oral medication combined with UV treatment (tanning) would do what you ask, although it will fade because it is a 'tan'. If you want to take even more risk, there is an injection called Melanotan or Melanotan II. This is a synthetic peptide MSH Melanin Secretion Hormone. Many country's have banned it. Injecting this will cause the melanocytes to produce melanin and you will become tan. The results will depend on skin type etc but as I read it, _everyone_ (other than albinos) will tan. Google is your friend, availability varies by country, and PLEASE BE CAREFUL!

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