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It sounds like they are jealous that you are nicer looking than they. My advice is to go to the principal and let them know you are being sexually harassed. It is illegal and intolerable. The ones that are teasing you are just being immature and don't have enough intelligence to realize that they are hurting your feelings. Tell the principal about the teasers too. Don't feel like a tattle tail because they are the ones that are wrong and need to be corrected. God made you the way you are for a reason so embrace yourself and accentuate the positive and surround yourself with good people and positive situations. Good luck I partially agree with the above poster as far as the fact you could be prettier than most of the girls. Great! However, to report this misconduct (if they are not physically touching you in anyway such as pushing, shoving or hitting) I do understand if you report this that not only will you be a "pretty boy" but a rat as well! I know because I've been down this road with two of my nephews regarding other issues and the last thing they want to do is report it. You are who you are and you will gain weight, and good looks can come in handy if used in a decent way. Believe me, high school only lasts a blink of an eye and you'll probably never see these losers again in your lifetime, so try to hang on, get good grades and when you are out of high school things will get better. Start working out at home or at a gym. Take up Skateboarding, skiing, swimming to build up some muscle. Don't worry about what other people think because you know who you are inside and that's all that counts. I'm an old broad and I can tell you ... you'll come out the winner as long as you don't let your looks make you arrogant!

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What do you call a straight man who is feminine?

He would be "metrosexual" or gender variant. Even heterosexual men can be effeminate.

What does ac dc mean sexually?

Both straight and gay sexually. Bisexual.

What would a lesbian do first with a straight female sexually?

probably nothing. Most straight females would not want to do anything with a lesbian sexually.

What do you call somebody who is not gay but has feminine tendencies?

Anyone with feminine tendencies (gay or straight) could be called effeminate.

Is it still considered straight to be sexually attracted to men and emotionally attracted to women?

If you are only sexually active with men, then yes, you are straight. Don't panic!

What is the medical term meaning straight?

The medical term for straight is Heterosexual.The term for being straight, sexually, is heterosexual.

What do gay people think about straight people?

In a town in Wisconsin, the gay people harrassed the straight people by calling them breeders and stuff like that. It depends on the indivisual. Some are bad and mean and some are nice.

How would a gay guy get a straight guy interested in him?

A gay man cannot get a straight man interested him him sexually. Just as a straight woman cannot get gay man interested in her sexually. It doesn't work like that.

Can a straight man be involved in a gay relationship with another man?

No because if he is involved sexually then he isn't straight.

What is the title of a Korean manga that has the number 0 in it and has a blonde gay boy and a dark haired straight who is harrassed after working on a fashion show?

I'm not positive but are you talking about the manga "One"

What is the difference between Bisexual Gay Lesbian and Straight?

BISEXUAL is when a person (male or female) is sexually/romantically attracted to both males and females. GAY is when a male is sexually/romantically attracted only to other males OR when a female is sexually/romantically attracted only to other females. LESBIAN is when a female is sexually/romantically attracted only to other females (same as GAY). STRAIGHT is when a male is sexually/romantically attracted to only females OR when a female is sexually/romantically attracted only to males.

How do you know if youre a lesbian?

You know that you're a lesbian when you feel sexually attracted to another woman or just think about her sexually or look at her sexually. Enjoying those thoughts of course, otherwise you are just confused and straight.

What is the straight mans definition of gay?

it is some one that is sexually aroused by the same gender

can a man be gay and straight?

A man can be bisexual meaning he is attracted sexually to both sexes.

How do you tell if you are not straight but bisexual?

If you fall in love with and is sexually attracted to both genders you are bisexual.

What does it mean if your straight I was online and somebody said something about being gay or straight?

If someone is straight, that means they are sexually attractive to the opposite sex. Men with Women, or Women with Men. If someone is gay, that means the individual is sexually attracted to the same sex. Men with other Men, or Women with other Women.

What does sexually confused mean my teacher said to my class 99.9 of us are sexually confused?

He basically disrespected you. That means you think about the same gender even if you're straight.

If you are sexually and physically attracted to males but you've liked a female in the past are you still straight?


Are guys named drew gay?

Only the Drews that are sexually attracted to men. The rest are straight.

How do you know if you are straight or not?

Having an attraction to someone of the same sex is not unusual. Fantasizing about them does not make you gay. Acting it out sexually with them is certainly a sign that you have strayed from the straight and narrow.

Are guys who have piercings gay?

Only the ones who have piercings and are also sexually attracted to men. The rest are straight.

What do bisexual men like sexually?

No one answer- different people- gay and straight- like different things.

Can a heterosexual girl find a gay man attractive?

Yes. A girl who is heterosexual or "straight" is sexually attracted to males by definition; however, the gay man will, of course, not find her sexually attractive.

Is it normal for a straight girl up until 2 months ago to be seduced by her bi friend and now I want her?

If you are sexually attracted to a same gender person then by definition, you are not "straight"

If you think some girls are pretty but you're only sexually attracted to boys are you straight or bi?

well if your a girl then your straight. if your a guy then you would be bi. maybe even gay.