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How should the rotor be pointing when replacing the distributor on a Lincoln Town Car?

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With any dist type ignition system you should have put back the dist pointing in the direction it was when you pulled it out. But lets say you forgot or someone cranked the engine over. Just find where Number one cylinder is. Its usually the one on the head that is farthest forward.If not sure check the shop manual or goto a parts house and maybe there is a Ford/Mercury/Lincoln repair manual you can peek at. Okay remove the sparkplug for hole number one. Disconnect the coil wires...any will do so that it will not shock you. Crank the engine and you should hear a HOOSHING noise. That's cylinder number one on the compression stroke. AS you doing that check the fromt harmonic dampner and you should see the timing mark go by just as its "HOOSHING". When the engine is about to go hoosh the timing mnark should line up to the timing tab at zero degrees.Now just plop the distributor in and line up the rotor and have it point to number one ignition wire. If the distributor does not fall in its because your oil pump shaft hex shaft did not line up. Just adjust it by turning it ever so little. Slam dunk the distributor in and your set.

Second way is to remove the valve cover where number one is and crank the motor to view number ones rocker arms. Just crank till you see a want to see intake rocker open the valve...then close...the piston is at TDC...then the exhaust will open then close....piston comes up again...then down...intake is going to open..when it closes..its at TDC - check your harmonic dampner to confirm. (tdc = top dead center)

The bottom line is it really doesnt matter where the rotor points as long as its pointed in sync with the ignition wire its suppose to fire at the right given time. In the interest of keeping the factory wires "tidy" we strive to keep it as oem (original equipment manufacturer) as possible.

2011-09-13 05:19:33
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What position should the plug on the distributor be in at TDC on a 4.3 Chevy?

The rotor inside the distributor should be pointing at the #1 spark plug.

What position should the distributor be at tdc on 98 4.0L jeep grand Cherokee?

At tdc compression it should be pointing at #1 on the distributor cap.

Where does position 1 wire on distributor for 3.1 start?

Easiest way to find it is to set #1 piston at TDC, remove the distributor cap and see where the rotor is pointing. It should be pointing to position #1 in relation to the distributor cap.

Where is number one cylinder on the distributor on a Ford F350?

Easiest way to find it is to set #1 piston at TDC and remove the distributor cap to see where the rotor is pointing. It should be pointing to #1 cylinder position in relation to the distributor cap.

Number 1 terminal on distributor cap for 1994 integra?

The easiest way to find it is to set #1 piston at TDC and see where the rotor is pointing, it should be pointing to number 1 terminal on the distributor cap.

When timing a 350 engine does the distributor point to the number one piston or the number one spark plug?

Yes the rotor should be pointing to the #1 cylinder when you are installing the distributor.

Where should the rotor be pointing if it's at top dead center on the 2000 dodge ram 1500 5.2 liter?

Towards #1 on the distributor cap.

DIstributor rotor location at tdc on a 2001 blazer?

rotor should point at number 1 plug lead when engine is at tdc make a mark with whiteout ,on outside of distributor before you remove distributor cap. make this mark where the #1 spark plug lead would be if distributor cap was on distributor when you remove cap this is where rotor needs to be pointing

When the timing mark on the dampener is at zero Where should the distributor point to on a 72 Chevy 350?

It should be pointing to the #1 cylinder, That is the first spark plug on the driver's side up front.

When installing a distributor in a 350 chev does should the number 1 piston be on the compression stroke or intake stroke at TDC or does it matter?

#1 should be up for compression. Both valves would be closed. Addendum: The above answer is correct except for one thing; #1 MUST be at the top of the compression stroke if you want the engine to run, and the distributor MUST be pointing at #1 plug wire. Recognize that the distributor will turn slightly as it drops down into the cam gear, so make certain that you accommodate for that. You want the rotor to be pointing to the center of #1 when the distributor is in place.

In what direction should your hands be pointing when washing?

they should be pointing down in the water

You have a Chevy 350 after replacing the spark plugs battery and distro cap you can't get it to start What should you do?

try your ignition control sensor located in your distributor

How to install distributor on 1999 K1500 you need step by step help?

On the distributor shaft, there is a painted mark, aline this with the two holes in the distributor shaft, located just below the gear. Mark the outside of the distributor where the rotor is pointed. On the inside of the distributor, you will find two cast marks, one stamped with an 8 and the other with a 6. For V-8's rotate the rotor until it is aligned with the 8. Now mark this location on the outside of the distributor. They should be about 45 degrees apart. The first mark is the direction the rotor should be pointing when you begin to install the distributor. When the distributor is fully seated, the rotor should be pointed to the 8 and the second mark. Snug the distributor into place and place the distributor cap on and tighten the screws for the cap. The plug wire post should be perpendicular to the center line of the engine.

Where is the 1peg on distibutor cap start position?

Look on the distributor cap very carefully. It should be marked. If no go, bring #1 to 0 deg TDC and the rotor will be pointing at it.

What is the firing order for a 1990 Chevy Silverado for the distributor cap?

if its a v-8 it is 18436572 number one on the cap should be pointing at number 1 cylinder is there a picture of the cap

After installing timing belt on 1993 Mazda MPV V6 the distributor rotor is not pointing at number one is it normal to pull and reset the distributor?

There should be no need to do anything with the distributor as part of a timing belt job, I've done it twice now on my '92 MPV V6. After you installed the belt with all the markings lined up, did you rotate the crankshaft, and if so, how many times? Don't forget that the crankshaft rotates TWO revolutions for every ONE revolution of the if your rotor is pointing exactly opposite from number one, give the crankshaft one more full revolution--all your markings should then be lined up and your rotor should be pointing at number one.

How do you re-time a 4.3 L. in a 1997 Cheyenne when the distributor has been removed?

The easiest way is to set the #1 piston at Top Dead Center, then remove the distributor cap and see where the rotor is pointing (it should be pointing to #1 spark plug wire tower). Replace the cap and install #1 spark plug wire on the tower where the rotor is pointing and then follow the firing order with the rest of the spark plug wires. Slightly loosen the distributor hold-down bolt and start the engine and allow it to warm up. Slowly rotate the distributor in one direction and the other then select the position where the engine "purrs" the best. This should be good enough until you have the timing precisely set with the proper tool.

Where should the distributor be pointing when the dot on the crank is straight up when setting the timing on a 1995 Mazda Millenia?

For all internal combustion engines that have a distributor, the crankshaft turns twice for every rotation of the camshaft. You need to point the mark to #1TDC when the piston is on top of the compression cycle. Then the rotor of the distributor points to the #1 sparkplug wire.

Which point is 1 on your 1989 gmc 2.5?

If you mean which point on the distributor cap, the easiest way to find it is to set number one piston at top dead center and see where the rotor is pointing in relation to the distributor cap - the rotor should be pointing to the location of number one park plug wire firing point - this is where the number one spark plug wire should be connected. The rest of the wires are connected according to their firing order.

How do you install a hei distributor and where should the rotor cap point?

It all depends on where the engine is stopped when you pull the old distributor. It's easiest if you turn the engine to #1TDC BEFORE you pull the old distributor, then put the new distributor in and make sure it's pointing at #1 when you put it in. The most important part is the timing. Make sure all of the wires go in the same place and that the NEW distributor is aligned exactly the same as the old one.

Replacing distributor on 98 vortech 305 when the old position was not marked. Can you set the engine at TDC and line the distributor rotor up with 1 cylinder postion?

That should work, but be remember you may be 180o off, so you mave have to adjust.

Where should rotor point big block Chevy 71 some say the?

When the #1 piston is at TDC./ TOP DEAD CENTER on the compression stroke the rotor should be pointing towards the #1 cylinder when the distributor is installed correctly.

How do you set timing on a 92 ford ranger 3.0L after replacing the belt?

No 1 should be at TDC, balancer should be at zero, Gear/pulley marks should be aligned both cam & crank, distributor should have rotor ready to fire #1.

How do you lineup distributor to cylinder number 1 on a 5.7 liter Chevy engine?

Remove all spark plugs and turn the engine over until the #1 piston is at top dead center (TDC) on the compression stroke. The rotor should be pointing at the #1 plug wire connection on the distributor cap. Rotate the distributor if necessary to line it up.

Where is the number 1 on the distributor?

To find where number one spark plug wire connects to the distributor, remove the distriutor cap and set number one piston at Top Dead Center (TDC). At TDC, the rotor should be pointing to where number one spark plug wire connects.