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How soon can you refinance after taking out a home mortgage?

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Right away as long as the lender will ok it. Some want a year some want 6 months some do not care. Read your note to make sure you do not have a prepayment penalty. It can be high. 6 months interest on the full amount of your present loan.

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How soon can you refinance a home loan?

If you have equity in your home you can refinance at anytime.... Make sure your current home loan does not have a prepayment penalty. Next you would need to consult a mortgage lender:

How does a mortgage refinance calculator work?

A mortgage refinance calculator takes a collection of user-inputted data such as mortgage value, yearly dues, interest rate, and more. From this, the calculator determines how soon the mortgage will be paid off.

How soon can you refinance an adjustable mortgage?

Generally mortgage can be refinanced but only if you are looking to reduce mortgage payments, as it can be done at lower interest rate. Actually if you want to make a multiple refinance then it will definitely reduce your overall financial profit. Penalty checking is the major factor in mortgage refinancing.

What mortgage refinance rates are available in the state of California?

Mortgage refinance rates have dropped to an all-time low in California, with one being able to get a fixed loan for 2.63%, which is 2.96% APR. Most loan officers predict rates will soon start to rise.

How soon could you refinance after you purchase a car?

As long as your current loan shows on your credit and can be accessed by the refinance company, you can refinance anytime. There is no set time to refinance.

How soon can you refinance after bankruptcy?

I can finance you one day out of bankruptcy....of course you will pay a much higher rate than those with good credit. After two years you can begin to get more favorable rates (through a knowledgeable mortgage broker, not a mortgage company). Contact me at Depending on the type of Bankruptcy, you may be able to refinance as soon as it is discharged. If you filed a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you have a better chance at getting financing than if you filed Chapter 7. Of course, with over 700 lenders at our disposal, we can probably get you financing either way. Call Allied Home Mortgage Capital...281-684-8580 and let's see what we can do for you.

How soon before your prepayment penalty expires should you start the refinance process?

You can start the refinance process before the pre-payment period is up as long as you do not close on the new mortgage until the pre-payment period has expired. I would start the process about 30 days before the prepay is due. Make sure that your mortgage person knows not to close early.

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How soon can one refinance a mortgage after it has been taken off the market?

depends on the lender. There are some that will let you refi 1 day off market, but usually about 6 months off market.

How long do you have to own a home before you can sale it?

3-4 yearsAnother AnswerAs soon as you have clear title to the house, even with a mortgage -- as soon as the purchase is closed -- you can sell the home.

Can a husband refinance a house in California without his wife being involved in the payment of the loan but still stay on the title?

She will have to "quit-claim", come off the title of the home. An attorney will do this for you. But as soon as you refinance, she can be placed back on the title.

How soon can you have the cosigner removed from a mortgage?

As soon as you are able to refinance the mortgage in your own name. Some lenders (and I mean very few) will be able to remove a co-borrower by having you fill out a piece of paper (I forgot what it is called). So ask your current lender first. Keep in mind this will not remove them from Title...that can be done with a Quit Claim Deed at a Title Company.

What if you can't afford the balloon payment?

Lenders do not want you to default on your mortgage. As with any other mortgage, in the case of the balloon payment, your lender will try to work with you to refinance your mortgage into payments you can handle. If you can't refinance, you may be forced to sell the property (unless the bank does it for you) to cover the balloon payment. Most people will be able to refinance, the question is just how high their rate will be. You do not have to use the same lender that your first ballon mortgage was with. Many lenders have programs for people with less than perfect credit. The only problem is your rate will be high, so you want to refinance as soon as you have a decent credit score to get a lower rate. If your balloon payment is coming due and you can not qualify for a loan because you owe more than the home is worth then talk to your lender about a shortsale or deed-in-lieu. If neither of these are available and a workout just isn't possible, it may make more financial sense for you to just walk away from the property.

What to do if U can not pay mortgage?

Call or visit the mortgage company. Mostly they do not want you to lose your home and will help you devise a mutually satisfactory solution. Do not delay with this, act as soon as possible.

How soon can you refinance an adjustable rate mortgage?

each one is different. There may a pre-pay penalty period. But, if your interest rate has risen rather high, maybe locking into a lower rate is worth paying the penalty.

Are refinance mortgage rates fixed or adjustable?

Yes they are fixed and adjustable, if you are expecting bigger income soon or selling the house in the next 5 years then adjustable is recommended, otherwise its much easier and simple to have a fixed rate.

How soon after getting a bankruptcy discharged and getting an FHA refinance can you get another refinance?

You may refinance any time that the refinance improves your financial situation. If you are interested in a no obligation - free detailed analysis - of your situation, please contact me. I am an FHA specialist.

If you were just added to the title and want to refinance to get a friend off the title and remain in the house how soon can this be done?

If you are simply looking to change title then you do not need to refinance, a lawyer can help you do this. If you are looking to possibly lower your rate, get cash out from the property or to change the term of the mortgage, then you can do a refinance and at the same time remove your friend from title. If you need any further help or information please feel free to contact me, I am a Mortgage Loan Officer and service over 20 states. Thank You, Edward David Sr. Loan Officer 347-254-8311

How soon can a mortgage be refinanced?

You can refinance your mortgage anytime you want to. There is no minimum time before you can refinance. That being said, you do need to be aware of any "prepayment penalties" or clauses. Some loans ( especially sub prime ) will have a prepayment penalty. If you refinance your existing loan before that pre payment period is over then you have to pay the prepayment penalty. These penalties can be as much as six months worth of interest. Check your original note to see if you have this penalty. If you do have a PPP then you need to weight the financial benefits of refinancing against the penalty. There are some cases where such a transaction still makes sense.

How soon can you refinance if you have an adjustable rate that went up in April?

Presuming you have a prepayment clause (standard) and no uncommon mortgage terms specifying how long the loan must remain in place. You can refinance at any time after the loans was made. The day after...even the same day. When the rate adjusts has no relevancy/restrcitions except to the payment/balance due.

If you just bought a house a month ago how soon can you refinance for a lower payment mortgage?

Most banks require seasoning of atleast 12 months before you can refinance a mortgage. Though I work with banks that will do a refinance even 1 day after funding. As a footnote most states have what's called 3 days of rescission. Your broker is supposed to explain this to you. Basically you are allowed to rescind on the loan up to 3 business days after closing. This is to protect the borrower who may sign under duress. Many lenders and brokers pull what is known as a bait and switch. They promise you a low rate and then at the closing table the rate is considerably higher and many people sign because they have invested so much time or they are pressured into it. So they do have the right to rescind even after closing. I am a mortgage lender and broker. Some lenders do not require that you own your home for a certain period of time before refinancing; enabling you to refinance whenever you like.

How soon after buying a home can you obtain a home equity loan?

You can get a home equity loan immediately. In fact, some lenders are packaging home equity loans or credit lines as a combo with the closing on the first mortgage. Of course, to get a home equity loan you have to have some home equity...i.e. a market value greater than the first mortgage.

How soon can you refinance your home?

any time you want, there is no limit, all you have to do is be willing to pay the closing costs, although it is best to wait atleast 2 years. Jamison.

How soon can you refinance or get a home equity loan after the purchase of a home?

Frist mortgage seasoning requirements would be determined by the terms of your loan documents. Some lenders allow loans with no restrictions, others have requirements that would limit your ability to obtain secondary financing or re-financing for a specific amount of time. Home equity loans have different specifications altogether. I am not familiar with any restrictions that would limit your ability to obtain a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) given that you qualify for such a loan. Contact a lending professional for specific answers. You can obtain an equity line of credit immediately after you close your loan. You may refinance your loan also but you should make sure you don't have a pre-payment penalty on your current mortgage, which would require you to pay a penalty if you refinance before the pre-pay penalty time requirement. In most cases the pre-payment penalty is 5% and the time varies by lender and state.

What is the current interest rate on refinance loans in the state of Texas?

for a thirty year fixed mortgage in Texas the refinance loan interest rate is currently 4.32% these rates change daily and if you want to take advantage of current low rates you need to consider doing a refinance soon. there are many other options as well and that may change interest rates and always keep in mind that rates can also change when a credit rating is done.