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46-50 ft.lbs. 46-50 ft.lbs.

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Q: How tight should the head bolts be on a 1994 Geo Tracker Also how tight should the valve cover bolts be?
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How tight should the head bolts be on a 1996 Geo Tracker?

first: 26 second: 41 third: 52

How tight does the bolts on a 94 Dodge Intrepid valve cover have to be?

The bolts on a 94 Dodge Intrepid valve cover need to be very tight. You should tighten to 12 N*m or 105 inch pounds.

How do you tighten a valve cover?

There are valve cover bolts around the perimeter of the valve cover. You want these tight but not as tight as you can get them.

What is the torque for valve cover bolts on 454 ci Chevy engine?

15 to 20 inch pounds should do it, or what feels tight with your fingers.

How tight should bolts be so oil wont leak from valve cover?

Check the specs for the vehicle you are working on (You can find them on the net if you do not have the manual) and the torque requirements will be there. Do not over torque the bolts as removing a broken valve cover bolt is a pain. Good luck.

Pressure plate bolt torque on 2005 mustang SPEC clutch?

24 Foot Lbs on clutch cover bolts. 85 Foot Lbs on flywheel bolts. Use lock tight on both set of bolts.

How do you lock the hubs on your Geo Tracker?

lock them in tight.

How tight do the head-gasket bolts need to be for a Chevy c1500?

how tight should we tight the head gasket bolt for a ford f150 Need to know the engine size.

What torque should the bolts be on the transmission pan for a 2002 Nissan Maxima 3.5?

There will a torque setting but just make sure they are tight. Not super tight or anything just snug them up and they give it a little more. They dont need to be on tight seeing as how thin the bolts are they will break.

Should nuts and bolts be tightened before using a torque wrench?

Yes, they should be as tight as you can get with a 6 inch long wrench

Where does the skirt have to be for Muslim girls?

The skirt should be long enough to cover the body up to feet and should not be tight and figuring the body and what underneath. Otherwise it is better to wear a Blouse louse and long to cover the upper tight skirt part.

With what force should you tighten your valve gasket cover for a nineteen eighty eight Honda prelude SI?

most valve gaskets should be tightened with i believe about 1- 3 lbs of torque,however most torque wrenches don't go that low so barring a wrench just good and hand tight will suffice,be warned that too tight will shear off your valve cover bolts and trust me that's a pain

What is Toyota Camry cylinder head bolts torque specs?

The torque specs for a Toyota Camry cylinder head is 60 pounds for the inside bolts and 50 pounds for the site bolts. The cylinder head bolts should be tight from and to end alternating.

Renault clio 1.2 52 plate hi im wondering if any one can help you i am wanting to no how tight the bolts should be that hold the rail on with the tappets on under to rocker cover cheers?

the bolts should be very very very loose. in other words, don't tighten at all! is this the 2 one at either end that u are on about if you are what would you do just tighten them till bolts grab thanks

How do you change a valve cover gasket for a 1995 altima?

Take off the valve cover. there is about 8 to 12 bolts. just take it off and take off the old gasket, then clean off old gasket residue with a razor knife, then install the new one and put the cover back on. the bolts dont need to be extremely tight.

1990 ford f150 4.9 Liter push rod cover bolts won't stay tight?

Clean them off and try blue loctite on the threads...

How do you tighten the serpentine belt on a '92 Plymouth Acclaim?

Theres a pulley tensionor, loosen the bolts to it, pull it tight and retighten bolts, but dont over tighten the belt... there should be alittle play but not much, because if its to tight, it can break, to lose and it will come off, once you tighten tensionor, it should have about a quarter of an inch of play.

How do you change the valve cover gaskets on a 1981 Ford?

Just did mine on my 300 cu in Ford 1982. Remove any parts that might be in the way, breather, gas line over the valve cover etc. Remove the bolts around the outside of the valve cover. Remove valve cover. Remove old gasket. Clean valve cover. Install new gasket and re-install cover. Replace bolts. Finger tight bolts first then tighten. If you do not have a torque wrench, carefully tighten down bolts alternating from one side to the other tightening them all down evenly. Do not overtighten, they will snap off into the head.

How do you keep tight valve cover bolts On a 1983 Chevy 350?

They don't usually need any special effort, but a little loctite 242 would help.

How much do you torque the valve cover on your 1992 Stanza?

It's not critical. Just tight the bolts enough not to get lose by vibration and to let the cover press on the seal. Dont overtight, the cylinder head is made of aluminum which is very easy to damage the thread in, especially considering that the bolts are very narrow. M. Scosyrev.

How do you remove the corvette c4 front license plate cover?

There are two screws on the bottom of the cover. You should have just enough room to fit a screwdriver in between the nose of the car and the cover without scratching the paint. It might be tight, but the cover should give enough for you to get tools in there.

1983 AMC Concord 258 inline 6 it has a aftermarket aluminum valve cover I need to replace the gasket do you need a special type or can you just go to a parts store for one?

I had a 1983 AMC concord it was my first car. Finding parts for them even back in 1989 was tough because they changed their suppliers in mid production. My valve cover leaked oil because of a strange design on how they were fastened to the head. The bolts came out the top of the cover instead of around the rim. I managed to find a kit that replaced the head bolts that has threaded posts to fasten around the edge instead of the factory design. Until you change the bolts you will never get the cover tight enough to not leak. Trust me I tried. Unless your car has a different design, which is possible with an AMC of that year. Try to find one of these kits (they come with a new valve cover and the retro fit head bolts)and then replace the valve cover gasket. Be careful not to tighten it too tight as i did and cracked the cover which was plastic. The bolts should be tightened in inch pounds and not foot pounds. I did foot pounds and it cracked. Good luck! I liked that car it really was nice riding and had good power. I could smoke the tires pretty easily.

How tight should football pants be?

They should be snug, as in tight but not tight to the point you feel uncomfortable.

How do you adjustpolaris 425 magnum front chain?

You need to start by adjusting the middle chain . At the front of the center chain is an eccentric , loosen the two bolts and rotate it to tighten . should be as tight as you can get it . After you do the center then you do the front .There is an eccentric for the front chain also . It should be as tight as you can also .

What could happen if transmission bolts arent tight on transmission?

Nothing good. Tighten the bolts and this becomes a mute issue.