How to Tighten handbrake Peugeot 306?

this is for a peugeot 306 made in 1999 (phase 3):

to do this you need to remove the long plastic bit that surrounds the handbrake and the gear stick. When you've done this you'll be able to get access to the adjuster nut on the bracket with the handbrake cable riunning through round the back of the handbrake.

1) remove the rear ashtray.

2) remove the two screws (which have torx screw heads) that can be seen in where the ashtray came out from. (they're holding some of the plastic bit down.

3) remove the gearstick gaitor. do this by using a spade head screwdiver or an old credit card to lever the gaitor upwards, working around the edges.

4 )remove the 2 nuts that hold the platic bit down that are under where the gaitor was(1omm nuts)

5)the long plastic bit can now be removed. pull it upwards to let it over the two bolts at the gearstick, and backwards to remove it off the plastic tabs at the front.

Adjusting the adjuster nut (13mm):

it's probably easiest to get to this sat in the back of the car.

1) locate the adjuster nut at the back of the handbrake under the grey foam stuff.

2) take off the handbrake. (Make sure your car isn't going to role anywhere/ chock your wheels/get someone to step on the foot brake.

3)turn the nut clockwise to tighten the handbrake. You want to get the handbrake to be fully on at somewhere between 6 to ten clicks when you pull it up.

1) put it all back to together.