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What is a Serpentine belt?The term "serpentine" refers to the belt style of which there are typically three: "V" belt, multi-grooved serpentine, and flat. Where do you find the Serpentine Diagram?The diagram should be under the hood in front of radiator. How are Serpentine belts adjusted?Most serpentine belts use a spring-loaded self-adjusting tensioner; these tensioners have a spot for a breaker bar or ratchet wrench (some use a socket & some don't) that turn either clockwise or counterclockwise to loosen and/or tighten. How do you remove and replace the Serpentine beltI recommend two people for this job, one on top the other underneath. This will make it go quicker.

1. Find the tensioner that is holding pressure on the belt. You must remove this tension in order to remove the belt. Some tensioner's have a slot for a ratchet to be inserted to allow you to remove the pressure. Some have a pry point.

2: Turn the ratchet clockwise until enough tension is relieved to move the belt off of the belt tensioner.

3: Ford recommends replacing the belt tensioner every 100,000 miles.

4: After removing the serpentine belt check the back of the belt and smooth side pulleys for glazing. If these seem extremely glazed use a 400 grit wet dry sand paper to deglaze the surface (these surfaces rely on tension to turn them properly, if they are excessively slick they may slip)

5: Using the diagram on the top of the radiator replace the belt.

Total time should be 5-10 minutes if you take your time.

When it shows sign of wear i.e. glazing cracking, peeling

There should be a sticker in the engine compartment, somewhere in front

of the radiator, that shows the proper routing of the serpentine belt.

On the 4.0 L OHV engine the serpentine belt tensioner is located below the


Generally speaking if you follow the belt around all of the items it drives, you will come to a tensioner. (the only thing that doesn't have a fluid line or wires connected to it) The tensioner (spring loaded) applies downward pressure on the belt to make it tight and drive the items it goes around. It can be loosened by a box end wrench 11/16 or maybe 3/4 or in some cases a 1/2" drive ratchet or breaker bar. Turn the tensioner in the opposite direction with one hand and remove the belt with your other hand. Reverse the procedure to reinstall the belt.

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Q: How to change drive belt on 1998 ford explorer v8?
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