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How to change headlamp bulb on 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse?


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2011-09-13 05:32:35

there are round caps smaller than a CD on the back of the head lights you remove those to get to the bulbs. You may have to unbolt the fuse panel on the drivers side.


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there is no fan belt for that car. the fans are electric

Should be on the back of the headlight.

you need to take the whole front bumper off and it sucks! : I have a 99 GST and I have changed both of mine to aftermarket lamps it was an electrical connector, 4 bolts and I did have to pull the signal completely out but I did not need to remove the front bumper cover.

Yes they will, the bolt patterns are 5x114.3. You could even fit Evo wheels if you wanted to.

No the engine in the 98 mitsubishi eclipse spyder gs is a mitsubishi 4g64 while the engine in the 96 rs is a chrysler 420a engine.

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To remove the instrument panel from the 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse, carefully pull back the pod. Take care not to lose any of the clips.

sae 10w 30 that what the manufacturer recommends

The top speed of an unmodified 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse is (125 mph) one hundred and twenty-five miles per hour. If the vehicle is modified for more performance, the top speed can vary.

This depends on if the eclipse is automatic or manual and also if it is the turbo model or the non-turbo model.

I'm trying to change the headlamp and I'm having difficulty myself too! Very good question!

With proper care, a 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse should be a viable vehicle for at least 150,000 miles or more. Modern engines and drive trains are especially and comparatively long lasting.

Yes, you can, but there is a chance that you will need to change transmission and everything what is going inside the engine. The problem is that Mitsubishi engine parts from different engines are not compatible (it can be turbo Japanese engine, or non-turbo crysler engine and so on).

No. The radio or amp would be fused, but not the speakers.

Yes you just have to change the headlights from a 1998 to the 1996 with the bumper change.

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The fuse box for my 1998 Eclipse Spyder is up under the dash on the left of the driver's side leg area. Look up and inside to the left with your head down by the brake pedal.

all you have to do is take the radio out and its on the top in the back of the radio its quick and easy

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