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Funny. I have a 2000 Pathfinder and attempted to change my Spark Plugs this past weekend. I used the Bosch Platinum 4. When removing the spark plug wires I noticed a lot of sand around the plugs. You will need to get a can of compressed air to blow out the sand. The first 5 plugs were easy to change. The last one seems to be hidden behind the engine and I was unable to change that one. I now have 5 new plugs an one old one. How do you change that last plug?

answerThis is just a suggestion as my 1995 Pathfinder comes with spark plug removal tools which are located with the spare tire hydraulic pouch. They are long tubes(one is shorter than the other) which are designed to reach in to the tight spots. Food for thought!!

I just changed the plugs on my '93 Pathfinder with the 3.0 V6 . The last plug by the firewall is the hard one to change . I discovered something (with lots of trial and error) that made it easier. You need a 7 inch extension for your ratchet and a swivel spark plug socket. I had to use a flashlight to be able to visualize the end of the last plug for position. You will probably need a stool to be able to see the end of that plug, I'm 6'1" and needed one. Put your swivel socket on your extension, but don't put it on the ratchet yet. After you are able to see the tip of the plug from above , you should be able to angle the socket just right to get it on the plug. Once you have it on the plug, then attach the ratchet and remove the plug.. Make sure your socket has a good rubber grip inside for the plug or you'll never be able to retrieve it. Replacing the plug is reverse of taking it out. This took me hours to figure out but saved me about $150 as the dealer wanted $180 to do it for me !

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Q: How to change spark plugs for 2000 pathfinder?
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