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The tail light is held on by two screws and two pins. You will see the two screws when you open the back hatch. The two pins are on the opposite side of the tail light in the same general position as the screws. After you remove the two screws, you will find that the tail light assembly can be rocked a little but is still firmly attached. Proceed carefully as you can break the pins since they are only made of plastic. Gently pull the side of the tail light with the screws toward you about 1/8 of an inch. At the top center of the tail light you should now be able to slip you finger tips in to the opening. The plastic is a little sharp so use caution. Gently pull the tail light straight back towards you. You will feel the pin release. At that point you will understand how the whole thing goes together. To release the bottom pin you will need to slip a flat head screwdriver between the tail light and the metal vehicle body. With gentle prying pressure you will feel the bottom pin release. The assembly containing the bulb releases after about one-third of a turn. The bulb pulls easily from the socket with light pressure.Each bulb socket has differently keyed tabs so you cannot insert the wrong socket in the wrong lens portion (e.g. tail light vs turn signal).

The tail light assembly goes back together easily and is done in reverse. You will hear the pins click when they have reattached. It only requires light pressure. Then just reinstall the two screws. Don't over tighten the screws as you can crack the plastic. Open back door unscrew the 2 screws and pull the whole Tail light out

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Q: How to change tail light on a Ford Escape?
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