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To replace motor mounts, they are unbolted and the engine is raised off them. You can use a mobile crane (cherry picker) to lift the engine. The mount is replaced with a new one. Install the engine mount bolts loosely on the block. Leave them loose during engine installation so that the mounts can be more easily aligned with the frame mount brackets. A rolling head prybar is handy when aligning mounts. Use the pointed end to line up the mount bolt holes before installing the mount bolts. A rolling head prybar is helpful when aligning motor mounts. Do not use the engine mount bolts to pull a V-type engine into place. Use shims if necessary to fill any gaps between the mount and block. The Automotive Engine Rebuilders Association reports numerous cases of block distortion resulting in scuffed pistons in cylinders, near mount that were forced tight.

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2006-11-13 14:33:21
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Q: How to change the motor mounts on ford wind star?
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