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How to change the oil on a 1999 Honda Civic EX?


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Changing the oil is pretty easy after a few tries. I've always done it myself. First of all, you need these equipments

-oil filter, check out which one you need at your local Wal-Mart -about 4-5 quarts of engine oil, depends on which one you car needs -a big pan for the dirty oil to drip into -and about an hour of your time -a jack to lift up your car on both sides

Alright, first of all, lift up your car so you can slide under the car. Make sure that the jack is not defective, or that might be your first and last oil change. Get under you car, put like a carpet underneath so you don't get dirty. Next try to find a screw on the bottom of the engine tank. It should be on the side of the tank. Unscrew it, and be prepared to put a pan underneath the tank, because the oil will start dripping out of the tank. After the oils are done dripping out, reach up the side of the engine tank and try to find the oil filter, and unscrew it. After the last drop of oil, put the screw back into the tank, and make sure it's tight. Then, take the new oil filter, put some oil around it first, and screw it in. Next you need to dump about 4-5 quarts into the engine, and you should be ready to go. You need to change your oil at least every 5000 miles. Do this at your own risk, all cars are different, even ones with the same make and model depending on where you are in the world. I will not be responsible for your injury, death, or humiliation, and I can't be sued just because you do not know me. I hope this information is sufficient-it should be or you're very dumb.

Before putting the new oil filter on you you should apply a little oil on the rubber gasket. You will only need to hand tighten the oil filter.

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Well the best time to change your oil filter is when you do the oil change to your car. Which is every 3 months.

if you don,t know the answer don,t try and do it yourself

Take it to a Honda Civic garage / mechanic.

The recommended oil change for a 2002 Honda Civic is every 5,000 miles. If synthetic oil is used oil can be changed every 10,000 miles.

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A 1 Honda Civic 8th Gen. : Oil change + Tire rotation

You should change the air filter in your Honda Civic when it is dirty or at every second oil change. Most filters will last for two oil changes through standard daily driving.

remove bolts and clip. Then remove oil dipstick tube.

An oil pump on a 1994 Honda Civic is found in the bottom end of the engine. To replace the oil pump the engine will require a rebuild as the crankshaft will have to come off as well.

My recommendation is every 5,000 miles change the oil & filter.

you have to little transmission oil in your box.

You should change the oil in a 1994 Honda Civic every 3 months or 3,000 miles. This ensures that contaminants and metal shards are not allowed to continuously circulate inside the engine.

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3.5 quarts with a oil/filter change.

Drop the header pipe and unbolt the oil pan and drop it.

B1= engine oil change, engine oil filter change and a tire rotation.

We found the oil filter about mid car behind the oil pan.

Yes. All cars will require an oil filter change, normally recommended when the car gets an oil change.

The 2002 Honda Civic (all trim levels) can hold up to 4.4 quarts or oil. So, it's best to put at least 4 quarts with every oil change.

3.5-3.75qts including filter change

Oil or filter change & tire rotation

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