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I used a old time E-brake cable adjuster. Basically it connects to the cable on either side of a J type hook when you tighten the j-hook it pulls the slack out of the cable. Be careful not to tighten to much as the cable would break. Some cables are enclosed and this cable tensioner won't work, It worked on my aspire OK.

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Q: How to fix Ford Aspire parking brake?
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How can you fix parking brake on a 2000 ford f 350 to hold?

Rear disc ? if it is rear disc brakes there is a drum brake in side of the rear rotor that is your parking brake and has an adjuster in it if you pull the rotor off.

How TO Fix What if your Parking Brake if its stuck on a ford escort?

To fix the parking brake on the Escort, you need to find the problem. Make sure that the brake control in the car is releasing, then check the cables for any kinks or sticking spots. Check the cables at the brakes to see if the mechanism is stuck.

How do you fix the parking brake that will not lock on a 2001 Sonoma?

To fix a parking brake that will not lock on a 2001 Sonoma install a new parking lever. The parking lever can be purchased at any auto parts store.

How do you fix a parking brake that wont engage?

check the parking brake cables, any applied tension, and condition of the brake shoes

How do you fix a parking brake cable?

replace entire cable.

What causes the brake warning light to come on and how do you fix it 1992 Celica?

Low brake fluid in master cylinder, fault in brake fluid level sensor, parking brake is on, parking brake sensor fault.

How do you fix the parking brake that will not lock on a 1993 Ford Probe?

If it is to loose when you pull the parking brake handle = tighten the bolt that is under the panel that surrounds the parking brake handle on the floor. If it's not the handle there is a wire hooked to an fork with an spring load on each rear brake fundament. Look from behind on the inside of the brake disc and see that the wire is a tight and tension loaded fit. None the above, make sure the brake pads are in recommended value (6 mm thickness of lining with the metal plate)

How do you fix Parking brake light always on 93 Camry?

Make sure brake fluid level in master cylinder is correct Make sure parking brake is fully released Make sure switch on parking brake handle is adjusted properly

Emergency brake push knob broke off how do you fix 98 jeep Cherokee?

You have to replace the parking brake handle assembly.

Why does the parking brake light on my 2004 Dodge Caravan stay on when I have released the brake?

Bad switch. Easy fix- cheap part!

The parking brake pedal on my 2001 dodge ram 1500 is stuck to the floor. How do I fix it.?

If the parking brake pedal on your 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 is stuck to the floor, you might have broken the parking brake cable. Remove the rear tires to see if the cable is still attached and replace it as needed.

Why do both daylight running lights go out and 10 amp fuse doesn't fix it?

The parking brake may be on or the switch is broken on the brake.

Your 2003 Nissan Frontier Parking brake light will not go off How can you shut it off?

fix the problem. if it says brake, it might also be the brake fluid level or brake shoes or pads.

Why does the Brake light on a Ford Escape stay on?

Actually, the ford escape has a factory recall on the ABS. (anti lock brake system). Take it to your ford dealer and they will fix it for free. Low brake fluid

How do you fix the problem if the ford explorer gear is stuck in parking?

Check for a blown fuse.

How do you adjust the TPS switch in a 1995 Ford Aspire?

I have a 1995/96 ford aspire. During a emission testing the car failed due to a PO510 code - closed throttle position switch. What does that mean? And how do I fix it? Thanks

How much will it cost to fix a back brake line on a ford tempo?

your virginity

How do you fix Chevy truck c5500 PARKING brake warning tone?

Take it to a garage to be serviced by a qualified mechanic.

What is the easiest way to fix a low growling noise in a 1997 Ford Aspire?

The easiest way to fix a low growling noise in a 1997 Ford Aspire might be to add Lucus oil stabilizer to the oil. This will depend greatly on where the low growling noise is coming from and it might be even easier to first have a mechanic pinpoint the noise.

How do I fix parking brake on 87 F-250?

Depends on what is wrong with them. Being that old I would suspect the brake cables are frozen. You will have to take the rear brakes apart and see what went wrong before you can fix anything.

How do you fix a broken parking brake release on a Chrysler pacifica?

Start by looking over the mechanism for the Pacifica parking brake. Make sure that the parts operate freely and the ratchet is working. If the unit is not simply stuck, then it will have to be replaced as a whole assembly.

How much to fix 1995 Ford Aspire horn?

Mine was a broken wire under the air bag. Easy to see when it was apart.

What can cause the day time rinning lights on a 1997 Chevy Tahoe not to work when you have already changed the module and relay and the fuses are good and what can you do to fix it?

Maybe the problem lies in the switch that operates the "brake" light when the parking brake is applied. The DRL do not light up until the parking brake is released. I know that if my parking brake pedal is down so much as one "click" of the ratchet mechanism, the DRL do not illuminate.

Ford Taurus hole in breake line and how to fix it.?

replace the brake line and then bleed the brakes

How much should it cost to fix a brake fluid leak in a 1994 Ford Ranger?