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I think that on your VP commodore when you say that the central locking is not working that the problem is with the rear doors, and when this happens the problem is when the solenoid on the door lock assembly has given out,so make sure that all of the wiring to the doors is good, plus the remote is working right then ,if still not working go to the wreckers and get a rear door lock mechanism out of a VS commodore and the newer part should work.

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โˆ™ 2007-08-30 14:12:56
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Q: How to fix Holden central locking on an vp commodore?
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depends on the prob but most likely with 206 replace the central locking motors

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AnswerI don't know.~TSK

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To fix the door handle of a VT Commodore, remove the hardware from the door and loosen the knob. Remove the turn post and tighten all mechanical parts.

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seems there is a connection on the drivers side of the door that looks like a vaccuum line u need to open this and make sure all the wires are in place and then test the connection and it should work

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If the rear wheel brakes are locking up on a vehicle they should be thoroughly checked. The master cylinder may need to be replaced on the car.

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You will need to look in your manual or online to find out how to fix the part. You can also contact the manufacturer for assistance.

How do you get the backdoor panel off on a five door fiat punto 2001 and how do you fix the inside as the handle in side and out dos not work and your central locking just on that door dos not work t?

42.7 percent of all statistics are made up on the spot.

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