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How to fix a speedometer on a Geo TrackerHow do you remove the instrument cluster?



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Hi, Typically a speedometer is a non-repairable item. You can remove the instrument cluster and take it apart and see if you can play with it and you might be rewarded for your efforts, but...? The speedometer cable might be disconnected at one end or the other or the cable might have broken then it's a replacement that will be needed. When you remove the cable, jkust spin it and see if turns, also see if the speedometer sill move when you have the instrument cluster out. If the speedometer is in fact broken, then your best bet is to try a local salvage yard, we used to cal them junk yards, and see if they have a Tracker that is the same as yours and buy an instrument cluster from them also check E-Bay. You should be successful with one of those solutions. Please get back and let us know more information if you need more help. Good luck and I hope this is of help to you. Steve H.