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to broad of a question, gonna have to narror it down, whats it doing, what do you have hooked up

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Q: How to fix audio system?
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How do you fix your stereo from cutting in and out on your 1993 Lincoln Mark VIII?

It's probably the amp, either change it or replace the audio system

What is paramax audio system?

It's the knock off of Panamax audio system.

Car Audio?

form_title= Car Audio form_header= Hear crisp and clear sound with a new audio system. How old is the current audio system?*= _ [50] Has it ever been replaced?*= () Yes () No What do you want included in a new audio system?*= _ [50]

How do you fix sounds on windows movie maker?

You need to use an external audio editor for fixing audio before importing it into the program. Windows Movie Maker can't fix audio (only adjust volume levels/fades).

What is most expensive home audio system?

The most expensive home audio system is the T.V.

What does equipo de audio mean in spanish?

audio system

How do you connect a surround system to the TV and cable box?

Connect AUDIO OUT on the cable box to AUDIO IN on the surround system.

What is a sentence for the word audio?

The audio stopped working on my computer.The audio controls are in the operating system.

What can you connect the audio in and audio out lines on the ipod nano to?

The audio outs should go to a AUDIO IN on your stereo system. You might need audio adapters to make the easy.

How can I play tv audio through Bose wave music system?

how can i play tv audio through Bose music system

You install a booming audio system in your car its a 500 watt system at max potential what is the current draw on your system?

In many places on this planet it is unlawful to have and use a booming audio system in a car driven along a road or highway. If the audio system is that load then your helth will suffer if the system is used at maximum volume

What definition audio in multimedia?

"audio" means "sound", it is the sound components of the multimedia system.

How do you set up the audio settings for your headphone cues for the American Audio VMS4 w VDJ?

You just fix it up and plug it in simple

How do you get the sound from DVD player to the speaker 5.1?

Connect audio cables to the Audio Out on the DVD player to the Audio In connectors of the speaker system.

What computer system is compatible with an M-Audio Keystation 49e keyboard?

There is a specific computer system that is compatible with M-Audio Keystation 49e keyboard. The computer system that is compatible with an M-Audio Keystation 49e keyboard is called the Apple Lion operating system.

Is there a fuse for the speakers?

there should be a fuse for the audio system in the car fusing panel, but if for the speakers only- then that should be within the audio system itself.

Can i purchase a complete car audio system from Sears?

Sears offers many different audio components, including a complete car audio system. For more information on their selection, visit

How do I repair the audio in my HD TV?

HDTV audio out to AV Receiver in (with red & white optical cable) .... I had sync problems with CBS and adjusted my AV receiver to fix them Basically, this software allows you to add custom resolutions and fix

What is pairing on car audio system?

Pairing is for connecting two devices, like if you want to connect your phone or music device to your car audio system.

How do you hook up bluetooth in car?

You need to turn on your Bluetooth in mobile and then pair your mobile with car audio system. After pairing you can listen your phone audio through car audio system.

Which of the following is an audio port that connects to an external home theater audio system providing digital audio output?

Look for a connector labeled Optical out or Coaxial audio out on the back of the tv set. Your home theater system will need one of these same input connectors.

What is the best car audio system?

I would love to have a Bose system in my car. The best audio system would be to buy the Bose system which would help people have really good sound systems in their cars.

How do I route audio from my ps3 through my mac and into my sound system?

You have to plug the audio device's connector into the optical connection on the back of the system. The connection is next to the HDMI jack. The audio device must also be digital, not analog.

From where can one purchase an in-dash car audio system?

There are many places where one can purchase an in-dash car audio system. One can go to a car audio specialist, a large electronics retailer or from sites such as Amazon.

In a system that uses a CD drive the audio wire connects the to the?

In a system that uses a CD drive the audio wire connects to the..CD burner. - Rosie Walia