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How to fix brake lights in my 98 Lumina Sedan and turn and tail lights work new brake light switch and wring to the bulbs are OK what to do now?


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2006-03-10 00:12:39
2006-03-10 00:12:39

I also have a 98 Lumina Sedan with the same problem. I did the full wiring check and finally narrowed it down to the turn signal switch. I noticed that if I signal for a right turn and apply the brakes, the left brake light comes on. The turn signal handle seems a bit loose but the brake lights work if you hold it up briefly (like to make a lane change to the right). Replacement part is GM OEM # 19005031 (AC Delco D6226A) for cars w/o the radio accessory on steering wheel. If radio accessory on steering wheel, GM OEM # is 19005032. It takes 90 min to 2 hours to replace (shop time at dealer is 1.4 hours).


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the blinker switch shorted out the brake lights... really really common problem, need to replace the switch

Above the brake pedal. If your main brake lights dont work but your third center brake light does, then the brake light switch is not the problem. Its is the turn signal switch.

Your problem may be with any or all of these three items: The fuse, brake switch or bulbs in the brake lights.

brake light switch, it is typically located above the brake pedal somewhere on the brake pedal arm

It is quite easy to install the 1992 Chevy Lumina brake light switch. The brake light switch simply plugs in and out.

The turn signal switch is bad. Happened to me on a 99 Lumina. Got to pull steering wheel,etc. to replace switch. The brake light circuit goes through turn signal switch. The third (high mounted brake lite) brake lite uses switch on brake pedal

Sounds like a bad brake light switch. Located above where you put your foot on the brake pedal.

Its most likely the brake switch. Its a plunger like switch on the brake pedal. Its pretty easy and cheap to change.

It depends on the exact problem. If it's that both brake lights in the back do not work and the middle one works, it could be your turn signal switch.

turn signals work butt the brake lights dont can anyone help please? cant afford a mechanic.

you need to change the multifunctional switchthis happened to mine to

Sounds like it's not your bulb that is bad. It may be your brake switch isn't working.

Left, right and center high mount. See sources and related links below for more information on bulbs.

probably your blinker switch (multi-accessory switch). The high mount brake light is wired directly from the switch on the pedal but the rear two lights are wired through the pedal switch and then through the the blinker switch on the steering column. Almost all of those blinker switches go bad.

The brake lights will stay on if the switch is either out of adjustment or damaged. Pull up on the brake pedal to see if it will go out, if it does, you might be able to get by just adjusting the position of the brake light switch. BTW, it's on the brake pedal mechanism, under the dashboard.

the brake lights are on a separate cuircut,if your brake lights are staying then it will be a fault with the brake light switch. the switch is located under dash,and will be on or very close to brake pedal.

I believe they are grounded through the system wiring. If you're having trouble with the brake lights not working, it's might be the signal switch assembly, under the steering wheel; a difficult R & R.

The same thing happened to me. It's the brake lights switch either under or over the brake pedal. The same thing happened to me. It's the brake lights switch either under or over the brake pedal.

Probably a brake light switch.

The brake lights on a 96 Jimmy are operated by the brake light switch, mounted on the brake pedal assembly. If the switch is bad the lights could stay on or off, or be sporadic.

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