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How to get a 2 stroke pocket bike to start?

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1. mix 2 stroke oil with non-leaded gasoline

2. mix the ratio 30 to 50(30 is oil)(50 is gas)

3. shake it up until it is blue colored

4. pour into gs tank

5. pull start it or electric start it however it starts

6. twist throttle imeadtialy after starting it (not hard or it will take off/hold brake if have to)

7. sit and ride

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Why does your 49cc 2 stroke pocket bike go faster than your 100cc 4 stroke pocket bike Is that right?

2 srokes have powerband (response) and they rev higher = more power

Will a 2 stroke bike start if you put 4 stroke in it?

If you put 4 stroke what in it

How do you tell if your pocket bike is a 4 stroke or 2 stroke?

oil+gas=2stroke gas only in the tank=4stroke

Is a x1 ninja bike two-stroke?

The Ninja GT Superbike X1 Super Pocket Rocket uses a 2 stroke engine.

What is the oil fuel ratio on a 2 stroke 49 cc pocket bike?

try 32:1

How do you mix oil and gas for your 49cc pocket bike?

First if you dont want to mess up on mixing go to a pocket bike shop and get a mixing container with insrutions on container if you dont want to go buy it then add about 500ml of gas and 100 of oil it depends if your bike is a 2 stroke then go buy 2 stroke i its a 4 stroke then buy that hope this help

What size chain fits the x7 2-stroke pocket bike?

8mm 47 link chain

How do you make a 2 stroke pocket bike faster?

bore out the engine, make it lighter, and add nos at bis

How do you start a dirt bike when its cold out?

depending on if its a 2 stroke or a 4 stroke with my 2 stroke I turn the choke on and tip it until the carburetor bleeds. and it fires up every time

What is the average top speed of a 60cc dirt-bike?

depends 2 stroke of 4 stroke and racing bike or a trail bike

What is a two stroke dirt bike?

It's a dirt bike that uses a 2-stroke engine.

How do you start a 2 strock pocket dirt bike'?

Turn the gas on, pull the choke out and kick it.

What type and what size of fuse do you need for an 2 stroke x7 bullet pocket bike?

i do not know the size but the ampage is 10-25 amps

Is a 2003 yz85 a 2 or 4 stroke dirt bike?

A 2 stroke.

Where can one purchase a pocket bike?

One can purchase a pocket bike from the following sources: Mini Pocket Rockets, Join 2 Buy UK, Pocket Bike Canada, Scooter Depot, Pocket Bikes Unlimited.

Is a kx100 a 2 stroke?

Yes it is a 2 stroke dirt bike manufactured by Kawasaki.

Is a Yamaha pw 80 a 2 stroke or a 4 stroke dirt bike?

It's a two stroke

Why won't a 2 stroke dirt bike start?

Mixture, compression, and ignition... at least one of those things is lacking.

What is a CR250?

A CR 250 is a Honda 2 stroke motocross bike.Ooops, forgot that Husqvarna also has a CR 250, also a 2 stroke motocross bike.

How do you know when to shift on a dirt bike?

Depends if its 2 stroke or 4 stroke. A 2 stroke bike you can tell by the RPMS which they will be real high which your bike will be very loud. Also if you have a 4 stroke bike you can shift anytime just 4 stroke bikes have torque all the time. so it really depends if your racing just cruising or whatever it all depends on what you r doing.

How loud is a 49cc 2 stroke pocket bike?

alot of sound output depends on what muffler you are using, they normally sound abit louder than a chainsaw of the same displacement.

What is the difference between two and four stroke dirt bikes?

A 2-stroke dirtbike will be powered by a 2-stroke engine and a 4-stroke dirtbike will be powered by a 4-stroke engine. For the same power, the 2-stroke will be a lighter bike. For the same weight, the 4-stroke will be a weaker/slower bike. The 2-stroke is likely to use more fuel and make more noise. The 4-stroke will run cleaner and quieter.

A kick stand on a 2 stroke dirt bike?

a 2 stroke dirt bike is meant for racing. they do not have kick stands because they are meant to start and go and not stop. you can buy a kickstand and hook it up to the bolt on the back wheel on the left side you can buy 1 for about 50$

What would be a better farm bike 2 stroke or 4 stroke?

4 stroke. a farm/trail bike, thay have hardly any maintenence and are reliable. dont think twice

Is a 2 stroke dirt bike faster or a 4 stroke?

For the same engine size, it should be.