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Sometimes you can remove the back seat and access it that way.

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Q: How to get into the trunk of a 96 Geo Metro the key does not work?
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How do you check starter on 1997 Geo Metro?

I normally turn the key and the starter turns the motor... check complete.

How do you open the trunk manually on a Cadillac?

how do you open gas and trunk lids when button will not work or trunk key

Why can't you get your trunk open from the inside or with a key?

2010 Aveo can't get trunk to work with key,lever,or emergency lever.

How do you open a Mazda Protege trunk when the release does not work?

With the key.

Where can you get a trunk key made for a 1990 Geo Prizm?

If you take off the passenger door panel, you will see, on the locking mechanism, a code to make a new key for your car. The ignition key and trunk key will be the same (unless the 90 is different from the 91, which I have) and a dealership or well-equipped locksmith can cut you a new key with the code.

How do you open the trunk of a 300Z if remote and key is locked in trunk and release mechanism does not work?

Call AAA.

How do you tell if a 95 Geo Metro has abs?

The quick way to check is when you turn the key to the on position, you will see abs as one of the check lights.

How do I unlock the trunk lid of a 1997 Mercedes S320 with the key when the remote key does not work?


How can you get in the trunk of a Lexus ls 400 if the trunk button is broke and no master key?

you can get a new trunk button as long as its unlocked you7 can plug it in and it will work

How do you open the trunk on a 1999 Chrysler concord when the remote or trunk release do not work?

Key or remove the rear seats for access

How do you open th trunk when the key doesn't work nor the trunk release button inside?

replace the comfort control module Audi tt in trunk

How do you get into the trunk of a 2002 dodge intrepid Electrical's dead and key won't work to open trunk?

Use the correct key. It is obvious you are not using the correct key or it would open. If you cannot find the right key, then call a locksmith.

Jaguar trunk key doesn't work?

Make sure you are using the Master (black head) key, not the Valet (green head) key.

How do you open trunk if power release does not work on Buick 2000 LS?

Check to see if there is a slot for a key.

How do you pop the trunk when the key doesnt work on a 2000 acura integra?

Most Honda/Acura vehicles have a lever located near the fuel cover release that actuates the trunk release, if it does not fuction it may need to be unlocked using the master key for the car, the valet key will NOT work.

How do you unlock a metro phone?

To unlock a samsung metro phone u can unlock it by sliding or first pressing the menu key[the key above the green key] and then pressing the back key u can any metro phone.

How can you fix the trunk release on a 1996 or 1997 Ford Taurus when the key won't or doesn't work?

This may be a simple fix.... Ford door and trunk locks are notorius for "freezing up". Buy a can of lithium spray grease, insert the stem that comes with the can into the lock, and spray the lock with the lithium grease lubricant. This may free it up. You should lubricate the locks on your doors and trunk at least once a year. Note: This will also work on the locks to your house. It keeps them operating smoothly. If that doesn't work, perhaps you don't have the correct key for the trunk. Many Ford vehicles require one key for the doors and a different key for the trunk.

How do you change just the lock cylinder on a 96 Geo Metro?

Locate the core key of your car. The core key is used to withdraw the cylinder or core from the lock housing. Insert the key into the core and turn is slowly about 10 degrees and remove the key to pull the housing. Install the new cylinder.

Where is the trunk release on your 2007 ford mustang convertible?

There is no trunk release in the car the only way to open trunk is with key or your key fob

Is their a trunk release button on a 2005 ford musing?

There is not you must use key fob or key to get into trunk

Does a 96 Plymouth breeze have a separate trunk key?

No, the same key used to unlock the car & start the engine is the same key you use to open the trunk. answer If you can open the doors and turn the ignition but can't open the trunk it's because you have a service (valet) key or don't have an original dealer key. Or your trunk key cylinder has failed or rusted shut.

Why won't the key to open the trunk of your car work any more?

perhaps your tumbler has gone bad.

Trunk release 2007 Ford Mustang?

The only way to pop the trunk is with your key or the button on the key fob

Lock wont work how do you enter a 2000 echo trunk through the back seat area?

This may or may not work but the Echo has a safety lock position when the key is inserted and turned left. This is to prevent trunk access either from the cabin pull latch or the trunk if it has been deliberately locked. To return it to the normal position, insert the key and and turn it to the right. You might have to jiggle it. Also, you will need a genuine Toyota key, since duplicates don't always work.

Does the ignition key on a 1995 Lincoln town car works for the trunk?

Nope. Ignition well not work. The key you need is just a simple looking round key. In other words a 1995 Town Car has two keys one for the ignition, and door locks. And the second key is for the glove box and trunk.