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How to learn French?

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The best, fastest, most effective, easiest, and most fun way to learn any language is to immerse yourself. Go to an immersion camp, Study Abroad, or live in a country that speaks the language. You'd be surprised at how quickly you learn if you focus on your goal and soak up the culture and language as much as possible. I studied abroad for a semester and learned more French than I learned in years of school instruction.

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What is to learn in French?

To learn is 'apprendre' in French.

How do you say 'learn' in french?

to learn is "apprendre" in French.

What is the French for the verb to learn?

The verb in French for "to learn" is "Apprendre"

Does Algeria learn French?

Yes, Algerian learn French.

How do you say I love to learn in French?

I love to learn is 'j'aime apprendre' in French.

How do the French speak French?

how did you learn your own language? that's how they learn french, so how do you speak English? That's how frence speak french?

Where can you learn French quickly?

To learn phrases in French go to the related linkbelow.

In French what is 'To learn'?

Apprendre = To learn

How do you say to learn in french?

To learn is apprendre.

How do you learn to speak French?

You can learn to speak French in college or in a French school. Also in France.from a teacherspeak = parler

How can you live with your French boyfriend if you are not a French nationality?

learn french?

How do you learn French easily?

Ok this sounds odd, but my french teacher said if you want to learn french, WATCH FRENCH TV, it will help with studying, also study french, but you can learn how to SPEAK well by watching the tv, good luck!

How do you write read in french?

You take a French course to learn French.

How did Bryan Adams learn french?

his grandmother is french

How do I speak French?

You learn the language, or you can go to school and take a class where they learn how to speak french for beginners.

Do Europeans speak French?

If they already speak English then they usually learn French in school, but if not they learn English.

Why most people learn french as a IIIrd language?

Most people do not learn French as a 3rd language.

What is the best place to learn french?

Learn French by speaking is a revolutionary language course that enables everyone to learn Italian and become fluent Write here Nika211922@hotmail. com

How do you say I Will continue to learn French in French?

I will continue to learn French is "je continuerai à apprendre le français" in French. Other conjugations are in link.

What is the fastest way to learn french?

learn it when you are young or go into french immersion or move to France or practice it everyday or watch a DVD about french

Do french speakers find it easier to learn English or do English speakers find it easier to learn french?

it's easier to learn french. the English language is the most difficult language on the planet.

Do french children learn English in French schools or learn English getting homeschooled?

Homeschooling is almost not existent in France. French pupils learn English and every other things at school.

How do you say but id really want to learn French in French?

Je veux vraiment apprendre le français " i really want to learn french "

Is it easy to learn English when you are French or German?

no because im french and it took me two weeks to learn English

Is the french horn fun to learn?

Generally, yes. The french horn is easy to learn, but difficult to play well.

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