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It's approximately under the driver's door - a hose clamp holding it in place and two easy connectors. 10 minute job to replace.


* 5/16th nut driver for the clamp,

* needle nose pliers & slotted screw driver for the little plastic clips


* watch out for dripping gas - be prepared with rags & small container. * Chilton's recommends 30,000 mile replacement - 15K under severe conditions * Cost is about $10-15 * Test: blow into it - the more back-pressure, the more plugged up it is * ** used mouthwash before kissing loved ones or smoking after conducting fuel filter test

under the driver side frame, near the fuel tank. the fuel filter is located underneath the vehicle on the driver side in the fuel line( in the area by the drivers door). To change it, first open the fuel cap to relive fuel pressure( shut off the engine first of course) then remove the clip at each end of the filter and remove the fuel line from each end of the filter ( a special tool may be required to remove the lines from the filter,depending on model year) then remove the clamp securing the filter to the vehicle with a flathead screwdriver or appropriate socket wrench. installation is in reverse order, replace fuel cap,start vehicle and check your work for leaks! Click component location. The filter is located under the van on the drivers side slightly ahead of the fuel fill door. The fuel filter is located under the vehicle by the drivers door. It is about as big around as a soda can and silver iin color. There should be a couple of clips holding it on to the fuel line. 5 minute job, just beware of fuel under pressure might spray when you take the old filter off. On the 1999-2003 (and likely all Windstar models), the fuel filter is found under the vehicle, approximately under the drivers seat - mounted to the frame rail.

Very easy replacement job - should be more than 10-15 minutes. The fuel filter is located under the body,at the drivers door, on the frame. It looks like a round silver(or black depending on manufacturer) canister with lines coming in from both ends.

It has snap connectors for the lines. To disconnect the lines, you must squeeze the connectors with small pliers (Ford has a tool for this) while pulling the lines out.

Be VERY careful because the fuel will pour out when the lines come off.

Release the filter bracket (5/16ths nut-driver) to remove the filter.

Replace the new filter into the bracket - make sure the 'flow' arrow is pointing forward

Push the lines in until you hear a click and you're finished

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Q: How to locate and change fuel filter on a Ford Windstar?
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According to the 1996 Ford Windstar Owner Guide : With engine oil filter change : Both the 3.0 and the 3.8 liter V6 engines take ( 4.5 U.S. quarts of 5W-30 )

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