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It's not easy. You have to: 1: unscrew the three bolts above the clear plastic cover of the dash 2: Unscrew the two black bolts that hold the stereo in then pop that panel out 3: Unscrew 4 gold bolts for the large panel below the steering wheel, these are just above your ankles, two of them are hidden behind the hood pull, and unsnap that panel 4: Under this panel there is a metal plate. Remove the top two screws and loosen the middle set. this allows you to access the next two screws. 5: Under the top of the metal plate are two bolts that hold the top panel in place, remove these. 6: Pull out the top panel, be careful to disconnect the two clips that latch behind the light knob before you pull the panel completely off. 7: Unscrew the bolts that hold the dash piece on, I'm sure you can figure it from here...

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Q: How to remove 1999 ranger dashboard?
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