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How to remove a car door?


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This greatly depends on make and model... but most vehicles have two hinges on the inside of the door... usually four bolts your have to take off with an extension and a ratchet. if you have power accesories you need to feed those wires back through the door wire boot... and also there is usually a stop pin that you have to remove in the middle of the 2 hinges which keep your door from opening too far...


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You have to remove the door panel from the inside of the door,and then remove the door linkage from the inside of the door handle. Next there are two bolts that you need to remove from the inside of the door handle,and then it will come off of the car.

You have to:Remove the door panel.Undo the rods off of the handle.unbolt the door handle from the inside of the door.

First you have to unscrew the door handle bezels and remove them from the door panel. Then unbolt the door pull from the door of the car. Next you have to pry the door panel tabs off of the door.

Depending on the car and the damage, there are many different solutions. If the handle is just broken, you can try to remove the interior door panel and manually attempt to open the door. If the door is smashed shut, you may have to remove the front fender to get at the hinges to remove the door.

Unscrew the door lock.Remove the door pull.Take out any remaining screws on the door panel.Remove the master power switch.Pull the panel from the door.

open the door then drive into it with another car and it should remove it safely if not just use a hammer

The best way to do that is open the door borrow another car, and drive into it its the fastest way to remove the door, then the rest is simple

Depending on the year, but i have a 95 and there are screws going around the outside ov the door panel remove those

All you can do is to remove the door panel and flick the catch manually, You may have to remove the seat to enable you to do this.

Can you get inside the car and remove the interior panel of the door that is stuck ? If you can remove that panel you will be able to manually pull the door catch (And then open the door and have the door latch fixed properly)

To remove the rear seat from a 1989 Ford Laser 4 door car, first remove the bolts anchoring the rear seat to the floor of the vehicle. Then, lift the bottom portion of the seat from the car. Then, remove the internal bolts from the hatchback or trunk of the car to remove the seat back.

On a rear door you have to:Remove the door switches.Remove the door pull.Next unscrew any remaining screws in the door panel.Unscrew the door lock.Use a putty knife and pry the door panel away from the door.

Remove the door panel, find and repair the lock linkgage.

Remove the door panel and you can see two nuts holding the door handle. Just tighten them.

have my wife drive your car in close traffic, worked for me!!!!!!

depends on the make/model/year of vehicle

You will need to remove the screws that hold the door panel on, and then remove the door panel pins that hold the door panel to the door of the car. I'll also include an auto repair video in related links that will walk you through this whole procedure. Hope this helps you out.

You must remove door panel, then remove anything securing the glass to the window regulator & remove glass. Use vacuum cleaner to remove broken glass pieces from inside of door and car. Carefully install new glass, then reassemble door panel.

Remove the door panel. Unscrew the door check bolts in the door jamb, 2 in the door and 2 on the car frame. Remove the check unit by pulling it through the door and out the door face. Install new check through the door and replace door panel.

Open door look at the hinge remove two pins holding it on and remove door place it on ground, pick up new door put pins back onto the hinge well holding door and you should be done.

Use a screw driver, remove the screws and the clips in the door panel of the car. Gently pull the panel away from the door, disconnect the wire connections between the panel and the door, and remove the panel the rest of the way.

If it's the outer handle you would need to remove the door panel, then remove the rivits that hold the handle to the outside of the car. Then remove the window track and slide it down inside of the door and unhook the rod on the handle,and now you can slide the door handle out.

Your local auto parts store can sell you a tool to remove them and replace them safely.

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