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Let a gunsmith do it.

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Q: How to remove a detente spring?
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How do replace the door spring on a 2003 Chevy s 10?

Your local auto parts store can sell you an inexpensive tool to remove and replace that door detente spring. Other hinge parts such as the pin and roller for the door detente and hinge pins and bushings are also available.

How do you repair a door hinge on a gmc jimmy?

Door pin and bushing kits are available from your local auto parts store, however you will need a tool to safely remove and replace the detente spring which also is available at your auto parts store.

How do you remove left side hammer spring in a Miroku Charls Daly shotgun?

Remove the trigger assembly,Remove the sears, Remove the top lever spring, Remove the set screw for the lock, Remove the left hammer spring.

When was Detente - band - created?

Detente - band - was created in 1984.

How do you replace rear shocks on a 1994 Mercury Topaz?

You have to remove the strut assembly from the car, and need the spring compressor to remove the spring to remove the shock.

When did detente occur?

the detente was from 1962 to 1972. i don't know much about what it was though!

How do you remove valve springs?

you need to compress the spring with a valve spring compressor tool, and then remove the valve keepers, and retainer.

When did a period of detente occur?

The period of detente between the US and Russia was 1969-1972

The event that best illustrated the policy of detente was?

the event that best illustrated the policy of detente was?

What was the cold war policy of detente?

Detente means to relax or to relief tension. When the cold war started Detente first kept thing relaxing but as it went on it got worse.

Put detente in a sentence?

The luncheon was intended to bring the two groups to a detente

Which president ended detente with the Soviet Union?

President Richard Nixon ended the detente with the soviets

What is a spring clip removal tool?

It is a tool designed to remove spring clips.

How do you replace a door hinge pin on a 2002 S10 ex cab pickup truck?

Having an assistant would be helpful. Place a folded towel on top of your hydraulic floor jack and position it under the door aprox in the center so it will balance. Raise the jack up and make contact will the door bottom. I recommend purchasing the tool to r & r the detente door spring. Most auto parts stores will carry that tool and it sells for less than $20. Using the detente spring tool remove the spring. Next remove the retaining clips from each door pin. Don't try to save them because new ones come with the new pins. While your assistant is holding the door drive out the old pins with a punch and hammer. The top pin goes down and the lower pin goes up for removal. The door can be moved away a few inches giving you enough room to replace the bushings without disconnecting the wires. The replacement pin kits also come with new bushings. Drive out the old bushings with your punch and hammer. Do not use a hammer to install the new bushings. They are brittle and most likely break if you do use the hammer. Draw the new bushings in place with a bolt and nut with various sized washers. Move the door back into position and slide the new pins in place. You will need to drive the pins home with your punch and hammer for the last 1/8". Install the new retaining clips. Remove floor jack. Slip the detente spring back into position then remove detente spring tool. Done.

How do you remove a spring loaded wiper arm?

To remove the spring loaded wiper arm you have to first of all to unscrew the screws. After the screws have been removed, the spring loaded wiper arm can then be removed.

Why did US shift from policy of brinkmanship to detente?

The United States believed that brinkmanship was negative compared to detente.

How do you change the spring in a AR magazine?

Remove the floorplate, replace spring, replace floorplate

What is the English translation of the word 'detente'?

The French to English translation for the word 'detente' is 'relaxation'. The word can also mean lessening, thaw, or trigger. There is also a detente in Spanish, which can mean detain, arrest, or restrain.

What are the ratings and certificates for Detente - 2010?

Detente - 2010 is rated/received certificates of: UK:15

How do you replace murry mower belt.rear engine?

Remove four bolts that hold transaxle remove belt pulley and belt guard. remove shift linkage remove spring tensioner. then remove whole transaxle. Remove four bolts that hold transaxle remove belt pulley and belt guard. remove shift linkage remove spring tensioner. then remove whole transaxle.

Why did detente fall apart?

Either one side could gain from breaking the detente, or one side was attempting to mitigate the consequences of the other side breaking the detente first. Sometimes the breaking of the detente is mutual, as it is seen as inevitable. Sometimes some other influence forces the breaking of the detente. This can either be a single event or a long drawn out happening such as the increase of fear in the general populace such that they are provoked to demand action.

How to Remove head valve on a 1998 Plymouth neon?

You need to remove the head to do this . Then compress the spring and remove the keepers

What is a relaxation of tensions?


How do you spell dentent?


How to take a strut out of a 1995 cavelier?

Remove wheel attach a spring compressor to strut spring Remove 2 large bolts at back of wheel Remove 3 small bolts at shock tower Strut should drop out Make sure spring compressor in place securely