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Removal Disconnect the battery ground cable . Remove the rear seat cushion. Disconnect the fuel pump electrical connector. Remove the four fuel pump cover screws and the ground strap. Remove the fuel pump cover. Remove the fuel tube clips from the fuel tubes. Disconnect the fuel tubes from the fuel pump. Use Fuel Tank Sender Wrench to carefully remove and, if necessary, discard the fuel pump locking retainer ring. Remove the fuel pump and discard the fuel pump mounting gasket. Installation Install a new fuel pump mounting gasket and position the fuel pump in the fuel tank. Install the fuel pump locking retainer ring. Connect the fuel tubes to the fuel pump. Install the fuel tube clips onto the fuel tubes. Position the fuel pump cover and ground strap and install the fuel pump cover screws. Connect the fuel pump electrical connector. Install the rear seat cushion. Connect the battery ground cable.

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Q: How to remove fuel pump from 1992 ford escort wagon?
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