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Use as much gas as possible. Draining tank completely is almost impossible. Remove the gas cap. Remove the fuel door and boot around the tank's goose neck. Replace the gas cap. If not using a car lift, use two floor jack stands that will support the rear body forward of the rear axle. Use the second notch on the tallest of jack stands. Remove the rear tires. Using a floor jack support the rear end. Keep the floor jack towards either wheel drum. You will need the area to the rear of the axle. Remove the muffler. Disconnect the exhaust pipe at the catayletic converter. Let the exhaust pipe rest on the axle. Remove the heat shield and exhaust pipe shield. Using the floor jack raise the rear end to the point that it isn't being supportted by the shocks (or sway brace, if so equipped). Disconnect the bracket supporting the brake line. Disconnect the fuel line, vent line, and return line. Don't panic, you will have some fuel spillage. Remove the cross bars completely. Disconnect the lower shocks, sway bar if equipped at the ends atteched to the lower body frame. Ensure the emergency brake is not on. Lower the rear end using the floor jack to the point you can remove the coil springs. I did this part myself, but I recommend someone assist you. Disconnect the tanks straps forward of the tank while someone or you place some type of support under the tank. The tank with what little fuel remains isn't very heavy. After the straps are disconnected, while supporting the tank, swing the straps to the rear of the car. Ok here comes the trick. Ensure the gas cap is removed and begin to rotate the forward part of the tank down at the same time slide the tank to the right. The only problem you may encounter is that you didn't lower the rearend down enough. But if you run into that problem lower it farther down using the floor jack that is still supporting the rearend. The key is remember to lift the car high enough so that you can lower the rearend far enough.

if your having a problem re-ataching the straps the tank isn't in the correct spot and usually creates a pain in the azz especially if your wokring on the ground. try to push it up as far as it goes and it will slide back twords the rear of the car another inch or two.

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Q: How to remove gas tank from a 1991 Camaro RS?
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