How to remove ignition switch on a 1978 Monte Carlo?

call a locksmith it is well worth the 75-150$ they charge. they are tooled for it and do it all the time. if you watch them do the job you will understand. I just had 3 cars rekeyed and it took about an hour this would have taken me 4hours and 2 new tools.

The question is How to remove ignition switch,, not Who to call about an ignition switch. I mean come on,,

Remove the steering wheel, press the plate, pull the lock ring out, remove 3 Phillips head screws to your turn signal switch. There is one more tiny Phillips screw, this is for the turn signal arm. Just pull the switch up just a little bit to get it off the steering shaft, there is a torques head screw, remove that and the cylinder is out, reverse all the directions to install.

Here is a great web site for many makes of vehicle's:

I'm sure you have already got it, this may help someone else out later on.