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Removing it is the easy part, putting it back is the REAL pain. I'll try to remember off the top of my head where all the screws are that need to be removed. Ok there are three or four right under the windshield, you need to remove the defroster vents to get to them. There are screws under the glove box which needs to be removed too. The guage cluster needs to be removed and there are some screws under there. Theres a screw under the dash by the radio (near the driver's right leg) and there's screws behind the kick panels (by the ECU and the Fuse box) I also disassembled the steering column and removed the turn signal and wiper control. This made it a little easier to remove the dash and put it back on but the real pain is the tilt steering. Oh yea - obviously you need to remove the center console as well. I think that's it, but like i said once all the screws are removed, its as simple as pulling out the dash!!

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Q: How to remove the dash board on a 89 Nissan 240sx?
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the dash is fairly simple to remove...all you need is a Phillips head screwdriver and a bit of patience. There are a ton or screws but they are all visible except three of them...they are located in the windshield vents but are still accessible if your careful

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