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How to remove the rear light cover of Nissan quest 2005 to replace the bulb?

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Remove the two screws and give it a good tug, there are a couple of pins that hold the tail light securely, but a good tug and our light came right off, it took us a long time to find an answer for this question, so we wanted to share My van had calcium deposits (from water) built up inside the 2 plastic detent pins which hold the outside of the lamp. There was nothing to grab onto to pull with enough force to overcome these two detents. For this type of stubborn tail lamp assembly, fish a 1 or 2 inch thin nylon strap behind the tail lamp to gain leverage and pull straight back directly in the middle of the tail lamp assembly. First, remove the 2 lamp assembly screws and the plastic part attached to the bracket, in between the 2 screws (3 same screws total). Fish a nylon strap from the outside middle of the lamp (there's a small gap between the lamp and body panel). Use a wire, with a hook on the end, to reach through the metal bracket on the inboard side and pull the strap through it. Now pull the strap through and hold both ends together around the middle of the lamp assembly. Jerk the outer strap straight back with a strong, but short snapping motion and be ready for the lamp to pop off. Be carefull not to lose your balance and pull the lamp too far and break something. To help make future removal easier, I recommend applying some vaseline or WD-40 to the two plastic pins and to the grommets the pins fit into. Clean off the excess vaseline with a cloth. Leave only a very thin residue of the vaseline. This will help prevent calcium, from water, from building up and binding the pins.

2008-12-06 21:00:06
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Q: How to remove the rear light cover of Nissan quest 2005 to replace the bulb?
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To change the trunk light in a 2002 Nissan Maxima, a person will need to unscrew the cover over the light. Then they can remove the old bulb and replace with a new one. Then screw the lens cover back on.

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To replace the rear brake lights on a Nissan Primera first open the trunk lid. Locate the tail lights and find the plastic cover which hide the bulbs. Remove the cover and then the bulb. Replace with a new bulb.

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You can access the Nissan taillights from the cargo compartment. Remove the tail light assembly cover. Remove the tail light wiring harness. Remove the tail light assembly retaining bolts.

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Remove the light assy and screw it in from the rear.

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Through the inside of the bed.

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To replace the dome light in your 2005 Toyota, you will need a flat screwdriver to remove the screws and pry the dome light cover from the light. You can then access the light to change the bulb or replace the entire bulb and cover.

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lightbulb in shifter is blown. remove shifter cover to replace bulb

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By popping the light cover off and then figure out in your owners manuel how to remove the the bulb.

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You first have to purchase the correct light bulb for your Peugeot 207. The next step is to remove the bolt that is holding the light bulb cover in place. Then, remove the light bulb cover. finally, replace the bulb.

How do you remove the rear lamp cover on a Nissan Xterra to replace the brake light?

access to the rear brake lights is inside the vehicle. Open the rear hatch and on the rear corners of the vehicle, you will see a small cover plate. Take the cover plate off and this will give you access to the lights.

How do you replace the third brake light in a F150 1995?

you remove plastic red/white cover with 2 screws and remove bulbs.

How do you replace headlights on a 1989 Chevrolet g20 van?

Remove the head light cover plate, then remove head light braket, once you have done that pull the light out and un-plug it.

How do you replace a fog light bulb in a 2005 Subaru?

You will have to access the fog light bulb from below the vehicle. Remove the plastic clips from the wheel well cover extension that is below the fog light. Once the clips are out and the plastic cover is pull down, you should be able to see the back of the fog light. You can try to replace the fog light bulb now or remove the two 10mm bolts and slide the fog light assemble out through the front of the bumper. Turn the cover of the rear of the fog light and replace light.

How do you replace the brake light in a 1998 jaguar xj8?

Remove rear light unit cover in trunk. Turn bulb holder fastener 90 degrees counter clockwise and remove. Replace faulty bulb.

How do you Replace a valve cover gaskets in 1996 buick regal custom?

remove motor mount "dog bones" and also label/remove spark plug wires from spark plugs, remove valve cover, clean cover from debris, use light coat of oil to stick gasket, replace round rubber gaskets, replace cover, wires and "dog bones"

How do you replace the front headlamp for 1986 Nissan pickup?

you must take the front grille off to get to the light ,remove 2 screws and fitting on light.

How can one change the bulb for an interior light in a car?

To replace the bulb for the interior light of a car, one should remove the lens cover, remove the burnt out bulb, inspect the socket for dirt or corrosion, inspect the lens cover for damage, check for loose wires then install the new bulb and replace the cover.

How do you fix a Nissan Sentra Speedometer lighting?

Remove battery cables, remove the sterring colom covers top and bottom. remove the two screws from the cover and the cover. The speedometer cluster is in view. remove the screws on ether side and flip the cluster over. Then you can replace the bulbs by twisting then out. It helps to note the position of the bad light before you take it apart. Cheers .

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The bulb is out. dissconnect the battery remove upper and lower steering wheel covers remove the dash cover 4 screws. Then the dash will come off. Find the bad bulb and replace it. Good Luck

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You can replace the dome light bulb in a 2002 Chevy Cavalier by first prying the dome light cover off of the light. Then, remove the bulb and replace it by twisting the bulb from the socket.

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you have to remove the cover of the dashboard to replace the light bulbs