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How to repair window on 2000 cirrus it will not go up any more?


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Generally with any power windows you need to check if you have power & ground to the motor. If you can put power to it, and it works, that tells you the motor is functioning. Then you need to replace the switch. If the motor doesn't work either up or down. Then the motor is bad.


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more than likely it is the window regulator.I had to take mine back to the dealer for repair.

To give you an answer we need to know more specifically what the problem you are trying to repair is.

Window repair can be done professionally, but in most cases, home and property owners take on window repair tasks on their own to save money. Maintaining your residence or property windows is a smart move and will certainly save you time and money in the future. It is wise to know something about window repair before you take on any moderate to large window repairing tasks. Otherwise, you may end up making a repair situation much worse and end up sinking more time and money into a project than you wanted. You can research window repair in a variety of places such as local libraries and the Internet.

It depends what is wrong with the blind? Could you elaborate a little more?

More than likely a burnt out window motor in that door.

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Need to know what's wrong with it. More info please.

One can find more information about the Chrysler Cirrus by visiting a Chrysler retailer store and inquiring about the Cirrus with a sales agent. Alternatively, one may call the Chrysler customer support center to acquire information.

Generally, if an electric window is plugged in and is not operating, but the other windows are all operating properly, the window in question will need to have either a regulator or a motor replaced in the door, or both! It is also possible that the switch itself has gone bad, but if this is the case it is likely that more than one window is inoperable. It is more cost effective to replace these parts than attempt any sort of repair, and in most cases cannot even be repaired. Good Luck!

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Sounds like the window regulator. Mine did the same thing changed that and no more problems, it cost about 75.00 for the part.

You have to be a little more specific. It could be something as simple as the switch or a fuse. The regulator that guides the window could be broken as was mine or an electrical problem. Start with the switch.

It would be smart to just buy a new window. It will be stronger and last longer than a repaired one. Although, repairing the window would be cheaper. You have to pay for less materials but more man hours. So, to answer the question in full, repairing the window would be much cheaper than replacing it.

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It is best to get the whole power window regulator assembly from the junkyard, which includes the power window motor. Cost should be no more than $40. Remove interior door trim panel by removing all screws and pulling up on the door panel. Unbolt existing window regulator assembly and slide guides from aluminum window track (you will have to uncrimp one end of track). Installation is the reverse of removal (remember to recrimp aluminum window track after reassembly). I did this repair in 45 minutes, power window worked like new. Good Luck!

need more information is it the tail lights or the 3rd one in the spoiler or window

When a window breaks, it can be one of the most annoying things to deal with in a home. No person wants to have to go out and purchase an entirely new window. At the same time, a person should not feel confident that he or she can simply put some tape on the window and it will be fine. This article will discuss some of the ways a person should treat a window that is broken. If a window has a crack right down the middle, then a person should contact a window repair person. This is a sort of situation in which it is too dangerous for a person to even touch the window, because it may simply shatter onto the person. So many home owners get injured every year because they do not take this advice and instead try to fix the window themselves. They often end up with cut up wrists or even fingers that are sliced off because of not taking this advice. A window repair person will know whether or not the window needs to be replaced. It is wise to have a window repair person look at the window and give you an estimate of how much if will cost to either fix or replace the window. Sometimes it is just cheaper to completely replace a window, rather than try to repair it at extraordinary costs. A person may even be able to get a neighbor to pay for the new window, if it was his or her fault. In suburbs, windows are often broken when children are playing in the yard and accidentally hit a baseball onto a window. While these kids may be well intentioned, it does not mean their parents should not have to pay for the damage. It is a good idea to meet with the parents directly and ask them to pay for the damages created by their sons or daughters. Many parents are usually more than willing to pay for window damages and feel very badly about the entire situation. It should not be a problem to get compensated for a window repair that was not your fault.

Try reading Rick Muscoplat's Blog post and his suggestion to replace them with a " regulator. Here's the link to that Blog post:

You have to find and repair the problem. It may be as simple as low fluid, but it can also be more complicated.

You would need to be more specific with your question. You are not providing enough information to supply a meaningful answer.

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When your windshield is damaged, the last thing you want to do is drive to the repair shop to get it fixed. You would rather have the repair shop come to you. Even if your windshield has only been chipped by a rock, it is important to have it repaired. The longer you wait, the better the chance that it will evolve into a crack, and your windshield could shatter at any time. A benefit of not replacing the whole window is that, when an entire windshield is removed, it breaks the factory seal, and impedes the integrity of the new windshield placement. It is much more advantageous to have the rock mark repaired right away. Repairing a rock chip on a windshield uses the latest window repairing technology to bond the chip mark, which keeps the window from cracking any further and makes the window look as good as new. Any chip, from a very small one to a chip mark the size of a quarter, can be repaired. The chance of the windshield cracking after repair is only 1 in every 5000 windows. When you call an auto glass repair service for windshield repair, they will come out to your home, as long as they are a "mobile" repair service. An industry-specific resin is then injected into the crack. Next, the resin-injected rock mark is heated with ultraviolet light. This causes the resin to undergo a chemical change and blend in with the rest of the window. A window rock-mark repair shouldn't take more than a half hour from start to finish. Your car insurance should cover the cost of your repair. This is usually covered under your insurance policy's comprehensive portion. In many instances, the insurance company will waive the deductible, if the window has been repaired instead of replaced. This is another advantage of window repair over replacement. Most glass companies will communicate with your insurance company directly. Don't wait until it is too late. Call a mobile windshield repair service as soon as your windshield is damaged. If you wait, the window could crack further and compromise your personal safety.

Eventually the beraring can seize and lock the wheel. Also driving it will cause more damage and cost more to repair

This could be an expensive repair coming in around $300-400.It's also a repair that an above-average backyard mechanic can do!See "Related Questions" below for more

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