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How to replace 2000 Ford Expedition rotor?


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Safety first. With the front end of your expedition ON JACK STANDS and the front wheels off, you'll need to remove the brake pads by sliding them away from the rotor. Then using a T45 torx driver remove the two screws that hold the calipers to their mount. On the right side the caliper swings up then off and on the left side down then off. With the calipers off using an 18mm closed ended wrench remove the two bolts which hold the caliper mount. It may be necessary to tap your wrench with a hammer since these two bolts are on extremely tight. Once these parts are off the rotors slide right off. When replacing them be sure the new rotors are cleaned first with brake parts cleaner before installing them as the greasy goo they are shipped in may soften your new pads and cause other problems. When replace the bolts on your calipers mounts, NOT YOUR CALIPERS, be sure they are just as tight as they were before you removed them (approx. 115 lb.ft.).


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