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the turn signal and headlights are 2 different sections, although i urge you to loosen both sections. locateand loosen the black plastic asymbly that holds the headlights together there are 2 bolts located on both ends of it, then loosen the side bolt that hold the turn signal asymbly and take it out( these 3 bolts are all the same size and clearly visable) there are 2 long prongs that holds the end of the asymbly that go into 2 slots and there is a clip that holds the 2 sections together,( this is located where the headlights and turn signals come together,, be extra careful when separating the 2 pieces, as the clips will become flimsy and will not fit back together snug. separate the 2 pieces by gently wiggying the clip part first,,then pull section out (the long prongs), replace the turn signal bulb by twisting and then pulling out.Replace in this manner.align the 2 long prongs and insert into frame, then slowly align the clip and soflty push until it clicks into position, retighten the bolts on the headlight part, then the side botl that holds the turnsignal assymbly together. I cant stress enough to take your time and be careful of the clip. Its a shame the way they made this, but having done this numerous times, i learned the hard way. Good Luck!

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 05:44:31
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Q: How to replace a turn signal lamp on 1997 Chevy Venture?
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