How to replace battery cables for 1998 Nissan Frontier?

The negative( black wire universal symbol for it is -) cable is a single wire connected to the frame on the passenger side. Step 1. Remove the negative terminal ( marked " - " on the battery), then remove the positive ( marked " + " on battery) Now that the battery has been disconnected , remove the two small 10mm bolts on the battery stay/holder. Remove battery holder, then remove the battery, it will give you more room to work with. Step 2. Follow the negative wire to where its grounded to the frame remove bolt, and clips that hold it in place. Once you have the wire free, measure old wire, cut or have wire cut at auto parts store, replace terminals and reinstall The positive cable (Red wire or wires the universal symbol for it is + ) is a little trickier than the negative. You have two wires going into the terminal that is bolted to the battery post. The first wire ( heavy gauge) goes to the positive side of the starter. The smaller of the two wires goes to the positive side of the alternator. This wire has a red cap covering the post/terminal on the alternator. Check with an automotive parts store for the proper gauge wiring that should be used. 1998-2004 Nissan Frontiers have proprietary battery terminals that are not easy to change or to convert to a standard battery terminal. You will have to remove the plastic casing covering the positive & negative wires. You will notice that once the factory terminal is removed, you will see two flat copper plates,they are crimped to the two positive wires. You will have to cut and strip the wire, using help from the local auto parts store find the appropriate terminal. Reinstall, reconnect the battery.