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How to replace dome light?

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September 13, 2011 5:44AM

Dome light woahs.....

First of all, replacing the bulb in the overhead area isn't the real issue... It is removing the cover (without breaking it) is by far the most dificult task involved with this particular repair. You see, the cover is made of sturdy plastic, but the escetcheon holding it in isn't as strong and can be scratched or gouged very easily with a screwdriver, knife or other pointed sharp objects. I used a mini Swiss army knife and carefully inserted it in the slot and prying the tab back slightly, and as it is giving way, insert the blade slightly deeper, kind of like a reverse shoehorn. Then slowly draw the blade back out, and the lens cover will come with it. To replace, use only your hand with a swift but light "slap" with open hand, as opposed to a closed fist. To answer your question more precisely though, simply use your fuse pller to hold the bulb steady, and slide it straight upwards until you feel a slight "click", and that's it.