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How to replace ford zx2 stereo?

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2009-02-01 05:54:57

When pulling out radio and it gets hard to pull, dont force it

out, the problem is the heat/a.c temp. control wire is really

short. by the gas pedal you have to disconnect the knob so you can

pull the radio out. Hope it helps

you have to remove the whole stereo panel. this includes the ac

control knobs as well. some stereo places sell a new panel with the

ac control knobs. the new panel will have a square in it to put

your new stereo. now there is two small holes on each side of the

panel. I used a coat hanger to do this other wise you need to buy a

specail tool. bend the coat hanger into a u shape and place both

ends in one side and do the same for the other side. push in at the

same time and the panel should come loose. pull out slowly so you

don't brake or pull out any of your ac wires or vacuum tubes. i

hope this help you!

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