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remove the electrical connector, and gentle rock it back and forth and pull up on it at the same time

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โˆ™ 2005-11-17 19:13:42
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Q: How to replace fule injecter?
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What would keep your motor from starting after you replaced the center port fule injecter?

what would keep my car from starting after replacing the center port fule injecter

How do you replace injection pump on vauxhall 2.2 dti?

how do u fit a diesal injecter pump vauxhall mavano

How do you replace the fuel pump on a Mazda RX-7?

Drain the fule tank. Plug on bottome of tank. Lift matting over tank. There is a plate hold the fule tank in place. Remove from top of fule tank.

1989 mercury grand marquis will not start it will turn over has fuel to injecter but no spark ignition?

pre-heat spark plug, if this works then replace it.

Where is the fuel filter located and how do you replace it on a 1997 dodge stratus?

its inside the fule tank drive safe

How do you replace a fuel pump on an 89 Chevy astro van?

the pump is in side the fule tank drop tank replace pump get a astro van manual

I have a 87 f150 and it is running slugest what may be the problem?

replace the fule filter that is under the driver side frame.

2002 roadking flhrci starves for gas?

replace the fule filter. If that doesn't fix it you may need injectors.

How do you replace the fule pump in a 95 mercury villager?

The fuel pump is in the fuel tank, and the fuel tank will have to be removed to access it.

How do you replace the fuel filter located on a 2002 Chevy Blazer?

Check under vehicle follow the fule line from the tank

1965 vw bug with a lot of gas in the oil 1776cc ran great parked it and now the crank case is full of gas what would cause this?

Your fule pump diafram has a hole in it. Replace the fule pump and change the oil and you'll be fine.

What is the fuel mix for a Yamaha pw50?

there's an oil injecter under the seat that you fill with oil. you dont mix directly in fuel tank. verify injecter is there and full before operating.

You have 1989 iroc camaro that died and wont start again replaced the fule pump and fule module fule filter she gets spark air and gas used a diagn-tool and says no dtscodes any suggestions help?

what i would say is follow all of the fule lines and make shoure they are not rusted on older comaros the fule lines run along the bottom of the frame so when it rains water drips off of the frame on to the fule lines which will causes rust or check the fule relay

How do you replace the fuel pump on a 1991 Chrysler LeBaron Coupe?

its in your fule tank you have to drop your tank and remove your sending unit drive safe

Where is fuel pressure regulater on 95 4x4 4.3 Chevy blazer?

how do u replace fule pressure regulator in 94 blazer vortec

How do you Change fuel pump in a 1990 GMC Sierra 1500?

Well sence the fule pump is inside your fule tank, you will have to do one of two things. you can go about it by either removing the bed of your truck to get to the top of your fule tank, or use a lift to get your truck into the air, and then unbolt your fule tank *with some sort of jack under it to hold/ease your tank down* then it should be pretty self explainatory from there. take the screws off the cover on the top of the tank, and when you pull out that contraption, you just replace the parts that came with your fule pump and fule filter pump/screen. *the parts should go on the way the used parts came off* then just put it all back together and put the cover back on, rebolt your fule tank. *or if you took your bed off, put your bed back on* and you should be finished. hope this was helpfull.

When was Any Fule Kno That created?

Any Fule Kno That was created on 1998-06-02.

What does a tune up cost for a 2003 Avalanche?

how much does it cost to replace 2002 Chevy Avalanche spark plugs, plug wires, fule filter?

Can you clean the fule filter on 91 Honda CRX?

no since you alreadt have fuel filter off you should go ahead and replace with a new one

How do you replace the fuel indicator on a low rider?

pulll the fule indicator straight up and out. remove the wires and reverse this procedure when installing the new indicator.

What would cause the fuel injector in a throttle body injection to open fully and flood out the engine on a 1989 dodge pickup?

bad injecter, o-rings are bad, need to either rebuild or replace

What is g8vl-1a4t-y?

It`s relay for Nissan altima for fule pump or AC you can replace it by g8vl-1a4t-r-l-dc12

Why does 2005 ranger shuts down while driving?

It could be the fule pump or the wiring harness for the fule pump.

Why fule gauge reading stays in full?

i have a 1990 ford ranger and my fule gauge always reads full, why?

How do you find out if your 1992 ford tempo has an electronic fule pump?

what kind of fule pump is in a 1992 ford tempo

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