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Hi,I just replaced mine on my 94 model.I'm assuming you have the 3.4 but the repair should be about the same.In order to access the lines on the bottom you have to drop the exhaust at the rear of the engine.If you remove the 2 bolts where the pipe exits the engine and unbolt the 4 bolts at the catalytic converter and drop this pipe out of the way it's a tight fit but you can get at the fittings.Make sure to trace the lines well as it is easy to get them crossed up from the Power Steering pump down to the steering rack.The rest of the line replacement is easy just break the line loose at the pump and pull it out of the line clips and feed the new one back behind the engine and re-install in the opposite order.

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Q: How to replace steering line 1991 grand prix?
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How do you replace the brake line on a grand am?

How do i replace brake lines on a 2000 grand am

How do you replace a power steering fluid line?

draing power steering fluid before changing high pressure line silverado v8

How to Replace power steering lines?

i have a leak in power steering lines on 99 Malibu . show me line schematics

What does a 1991 civic dx hatchback red line at?

they red line at 6 grand. but you can take your computer to a specialest and they can program it to red line at 10 grand

Does a 1995 grand prix have a power steering pressure switch?

It is located on the pressure line.

How do you replace a fuel line for a 2005 Grand Caravan?

You unbolt the one you wish to replace and bolt the new one in.

Where is the ac orfice tube on a 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

It is made into the liquid line, you have to replace the line to service.

Still no power steering after changing the power steering pump and rack and pinion in 96 Pontiac grand am what next?

have you tried removing return line to bleed system ?

What do you do if your power steering return line hose for a 99 grand am is leaking?

jack up or get on lift remove hose from rack and pinion may have line attached to body with bolt 18 mm wrench remove lines from rack remove lower remove from pump either replace line or repair

Can you convert a 1991 B2200 manual steering to power steering by changing out the steering box and adding the pump pulleys and belt or do the linkages need to changed too?

Add the pump/steering box pullys and belt. linkages will line up fine.

You have a gas leak just under the rear the driver door on a 1991 Camry is this the fuel line how do you replace one?

If I remember correctly it may be the fuel filter. but if it is the line it is easy to replace .

How do you patch a hole in the power steering hose on a 2001 1.8T until I can afford a to buy replace one?

cant do it. high pressure line. only repair is to replace line or keep fluid full until repair.

How come your 1991 Toyota Camry does not return in a straight line after you make a 90 degree turn?

remove the lower steering column universal joint and check it for stiffness. if it doesnt twist easily on either of its axis, replace it. these cars have this problem often.

How do you change or replace the power steering line?

You need line wrenches to be able to break it loose without stripping the ends whatever the size I did not see the app you are working on

How do you replace a power steering low pressure line in a 2002 Chevy cavalier?

It's a real pain. If you have access to a hoist, the easiest way to do it is to disconnect the steering shaft and lower the rear of the sub-frame to get access to the fittings on the steering rack. Had to do this once because the loop in the line used as a cooler rusted out.

How do you unclog power steering fluid in 1999 Oldsmobile?

unbolt the power steering line from the power steering pump. have another person inside the vehicle to start the engine. open the power steering reservoir. have the person inside turn the steering wheel back and fourth, left to right as you pour power steering fluid into the reservoir until it pours out clean from the unbolted line. make sure the loose line is seated into a pan or bucket to catch the fluid or you will have a mess. that should unclog the pump and the line. if the pump still doesn't work after you put the line back on, then you probably have a bad pump. replace the pump. hope this helps.

Where do i put the power steering fluid in a 1991 camaro?

Open the hood and on the driver side of the engine you should see a cap that says power steering fluid the ap and pour it in to the fill line

How do i replace the fuel filter on a 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Where is the location of the in-line fuel filter on my 2003 Cherokee?

How do you repair a whole in a fuel line on a 1991 blazer?

Replace it. If it is a metal section cut it with someting that will not make sparks or heat. Metal snips or somthing along that line will work but they distort the line, so you will have to bend it back into shape. Then take rubber fuel line and two clamps and replace the bad section. It shoul work for a while. Or you can replace the whole line.

Is it possible to tape over a pin hole in a power steering line?

No there is a lot of pressure in the hi pressure hose,you will need to replace hose.

Ford Escort replace power steering hose - Anyway to do without pulling the Rad?

remove pump with line then change and reistall

Why would power steering fluid be leaking from where the fluid goes from the storage by the steering shaft?

your power steering fluid return line, also known as your power steering low pressure line, may have a hair line crack in it and need to be replaced.

How do you change an ignition key switch?

you have to remove the steering wheel. (if it has an airbag, be very careful not to set it off.) if no airbag, just remove the steering wheel, and on the ignition switch there is a bolt that simply screws out. remove the ignition switch, and replace with the new one. line up the bolt holes, and replace bolt. put steering wheel back on, and youre done.

How do you replace the fuel line on a 1996 Plymouth Grand Voyager?

take off the old one and put on the new one

How do you replace the fuel filter on a 1991 Dodge Shadow?

it should be inline. trace you fuel line back and you should run in to it, it should be silver or clear. if it is not in line, then it is in your tank.