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How to replace steering line 1991 grand prix?

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2005-05-02 04:29:43

Hi,I just replaced mine on my 94 model.I'm assuming you have the

3.4 but the repair should be about the same.In order to access the

lines on the bottom you have to drop the exhaust at the rear of the

engine.If you remove the 2 bolts where the pipe exits the engine

and unbolt the 4 bolts at the catalytic converter and drop this

pipe out of the way it's a tight fit but you can get at the

fittings.Make sure to trace the lines well as it is easy to get

them crossed up from the power steering pump down to the steering

rack.The rest of the line replacement is easy just break the line

loose at the pump and pull it out of the line clips and feed the

new one back behind the engine and re-install in the opposite


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