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hi mate to reset the key code on the mondeo you have to have the red key put the red key in the ignition turn the key to number 3 and back 4 times within 3 secs the red light will stay on the dash the car is in learn mode take the red key out put what key you want to program in and turn it to number 3 and back then use it to start the car job done it worked for so good luck but you must have the red key if not Ford will be the only ones that will be able to help

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 05:45:25
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Q: How to reset key-code on Ford Mondeo w reg?
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How do you reset remote locking on a 1995 N reg Ford Mondeo?

Welcome to : Programming ford remote keys

How do you change Ford Mondeo vss for y reg?

how adjast timing chain for mondeo 2005

Layout of fuse box on Ford Mondeo p reg?

My P reg mondeo wont start, there seems to no power at all when I tune the key. what can I do?

Where is the speedo cable on a Ford Mondeo x reg diesel?

its electric from 1995

How do you reset the remote central locking on a 98R reg mondeo Not reprogram the key?

see mad `moles mondeo madness`.i used the second set of suggestions,THEY WORKED!

How do you reset remote central locking on a y reg mondeo?

See answer for this question regarding 2001 model it the same !

How do you reset remote central locking on P reg Ford Mondeo?

turn key to position 2 about 5 times you will here central locking click when it clicks press your remote any button that's it re-programed

Ford Mondeo p reg radiator fan not working fuse ok?

that would be either fan switch or temperature sensor

Where do you find the fuse for the brake light on your s reg mondeo?

my brake lights are not working on my ford mondeo. i have replaced both bulbs and they still do not work.i am wondering if the fuse has blown , but i cannot locate it. can you help please?

How do you reset remote central locking Ford Mondeo 1998 s reg?

pull the fuse out for central locking wait 2 minutes then put back in (fuse box under glove compartment ) hand book will say which fuse then reprogamme remote

How do you replace Ford Mondeo front badge 06 reg?

You'll probably have to buy a new radiator grille from a main dealer (or a scrap yard) They're not that expensive.

How much would it cost for a garage to change a cam belt on a Ford Mondeo on an 02 reg?

on a 02 m8 it should have a chain and not a belt, the chain should be good for 100,000 miles

Ford Mondeo 2000 2ol keyfobchanged the battery now it doesnt work how can i reset it?

I had same problem with my s reg mondeo if you have a 3 button fob which operates the boot as well its is simple 1 insert key in to ignition 2 turn key from position I to II four times within 3 seconds (your red led next to the clock should be on constantly) 3 remove key 4 press any button on the fob and your done hope this helps

You have lost the power to your keycode immobilizer in your peugeot 106 P reg 1.1 what do you do?

Check the fuses, this happened to mine and it was a fuse under the glove box.

What is the connecters under passenger seat in a p reg mondeo?

its attached to the seatbelt pretensioners it tells them to activate in a crash

Would a t reg mondeo engine fit in a 52 plate mondeo?

no gearbox is different as yours maybe a duratec engine and you're putting a zetec engine in so fittings would be different

How do you bypass the keycode system on a s reg fiat punto diesel?

put key in ignition and press accerater for 10 mins . get a user manual for your car and it has it in there

Where is the fusebox on a s reg 1998 mondeo?

There are 2 fuse boxes on an S reg mondeo, power hungry items are fed from the box directly in front of the battery in the engine bay and the main fuse box is behind the glove box, open and remove the glovebox by pulling it toward you when its open and the fusebox hinges down to access it.

Radio Code for Ford Mondeo x reg?

Go to and look for car radio unlocking in the forums. There are loads of really helpful people on there with access to the databases, just give the model number & serial number and someone'll help you out.

Where can I find the axle code for a Ford Expedition?

Vehicle Sticker Decoder Axle Decoder Chart Code Ratio Capacity Maker Type Yr 12 2.73 3800 FORD REG 1991 17 3.25 3300 FORD REG 1971 17 3.31 3800 FORD REG 1995 18 3.08 3800 FORD REG 1991 19 3.55 3800 FORD REG 1991 25 4.10. 5300 FORD REG 1991 29 3.55 5300 FORD REG 1991 35 4.10. 6250 FORD REG 1991 36 3.73 7400 DANA REG 1980 39 3.55 6250 FORD REG 1991 45 4.10. 7400 FORD REG 1991 49 3.55 7400 FORD REG 1991 65 4.10. 8250 FORD REG 1991 69 3.55 8250 FORD REG 1991 72 4.63 11000 DANA REG 1991 73 5.13 11000 DANA REG 1991 H5 4.10. 3800 FORD LIMITED SLIP 1991 H7 3.31 3800 FORD LIMITED SLIP 1995 H8 3.08 3800 FORD LIMITED SLIP 1991 H9 3.55 3800 FORD LIMITED SLIP 1991 B5 4.10. 5300 FORD LIMITED SLIP 1991 B9 3.55 5300 FORD LIMITED SLIP 1991 C5 4.10. 6250 FORD LIMITED SLIP 1991 C9 3.55 6250 FORD LIMITED SLIP 1987 D5 4.10. 7400 FORD LIMITED SLIP 1991 F5 4.10. 8250 FORD LIMITED SLIP 1991 W5 4.10 8250 FORD LIMITED SLIP 1995

What and where is the resister on a ford transit x reg?

right there

What year x reg Ford Focus?


What is ford part E8TZ95283?

Feul press reg?

How do you have your Mondeo tdci service light reset?

To reset your service light --Get in the vehicle - ensure all doors are closed..The switch the Ign ON..Then press both the accelerator AND the brake pedal and HOLD them down for a minimum of 15 seconds -Then press the "OK" button ( in the centre of the little square toggle switch arrangement ) ...The service light will then go out when the system is reset..Release the pedals and switch the ign Off.Read more:

Ford Focus key fob?

how to open and change the battery of ford focus 56 reg