How to summon a spirit guide?

11 steps in summoning your spirit.

  1. Be sure that your area is clear of any and all distractions.
  2. make sure you've eaten at least 1 hour and no more than 4 hours before.
  3. turn off all lights and light candles, or turn on all lights and light insects.
  4. have chocolate or something nice as a reward.
  5. meditate until you feel more open.
  6. draw or paint the first image that you see.
  7. focus on the painting and try to send your self into it.
  8. converse with the spirit.
  9. ask for the spirit's guidance.
  10. give the offering to the spirit as thanks.
  11. eat, burn, or bury the reward and put out all candles and insects.

that's all. just do this a couple times a month and you'll feel smarter, and feel happier.