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It is located at the back of the engine on the top between the engine block and the front winshield. It should be black or chrome colored and kind of looks like a disk, with a small vacuum hose couimg out the top of it.

You can see a picture in the Haynes Repair Manual for Ford Taurus, Mercury Sable on page 6-2. Hope that helps.

Just replaced mine in my Taurus today.


This is a pretty straight forward replacement - only 2 mounting bolts, a vacuum hose and one other pipe that'll come off with an adjustable wrench.

NOTE: this notice is from the site regarding the EGR valve:

  • **Caution!!** Before replacing the EGR Valve, inspect the DPFE/EGR Valve Pressure Feedback Sensor and hoses for proper operation. It is common for a DPFE sensor to set a trouble code

See "Related Links" below for the DPFE sensor section of Autozone's online repair guide.

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Q: How to test - replace the EGR valve - DPFE Sensors on 1996-1999 Taurus - Sable?
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