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The light comes on when the transmission goes into the "limp home mode". The transmission uses only third gear. It is not a good idea to drive in this mode for any lengith of time. A common potential fix is to check the electrical plug connection on the left (drivers) side of the transmission. The connector has several pins make sure this is connected securly for some this corrects the problem. If this does not correct the problem then have a Jaguar Dealer connect their diognostic machine to get the fault codes. Good luck. Mike

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Q: How to you diagnose whats wrong when transmission light comes on on 1996 jaguar xj6?
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97 jaguar xj6l transmission light comes on while accelerating?

the tranny light comes on, because the idle speed or timing need to be adjusted.

What does it mean when your transmission high temp jaguar 1999 xj8?

what does it mean when the hi transmission tempture light come on in a 1999 jaguar xj8

If the service transmission light comes on is the transmission broke?

No, this means there is a fault in the fuse box or your transmission needs to be replaced

What should I check when my dashboard brake light comes on in my 1983 jaguar xjs?

The brakes?

Your 2002 Pathfinder check engine light stays on has very hi rpm's for low speed diagnostics check showed nothing why?

Vaccum leak or transmission control problem comes to mind, need to diagnose.

What does it mean when the transmission light comes on and the engine makes a knocking noise?

Your transmission fluid might be low.

What does it mean when the engine trasmissions light comes on?

If an engine transmission light comes on in the dashboard there can be a potential problem with the drive-train. The engine's computer should receive a diagnostic to determine if there is anything wrong with the transmission.

What does it mean when the at oil temp light comes on in a 2000 subaru outback?

This light warns that transmission oil temperature on an automatic transmission is too high. If the light is flashing it indicates that the transmission control system is not working properly.

Your automatic Transmission failure light is on would that be a fuse or a relay or is the transmission gone it is a 1990 Jaguar soveriegn?

Does it really matter if it is a fuse or relay the key word here is "Transmission failure light" take it in and have it checked out the computer they hook it to will tell them what the problem is. Hope This Helps.

Check Engine Light comes on on Ford Ranger XLT 2.3 L?

When the check engine light comes on , a malfunction has been detected with the emission control system , if the light stays on steady have the Ranger scanned for any trouble codes to diagnose and then repair the problem ( also if the light flashes on and off continuously with the engine running that indicates a spark plug misfire , scan , diagnose and repair )

What does it mean if the transmission temperature light comes on after the check engine light comes on?

A low battery can cause the electrical system to flash check engine lights

Why is my transmission light flashing in my 2001 Mercury Cougar?

It is important to know why flashing lights come on in a vehicle. When a transmission light comes on it can mean that there the fluid is low, or that there are other issues.

If a 2000 ford explorer Check Engine Light comes on and engine stalls after it warms up?

Then you need to have code checked, you can diagnose from there.

What does service engine soon on a 1996 gmc jimmy means?

typically, the check engine light comes on when emissions controls are failing or there are transmission issues, maybe fluid level. autozone used to diagnose the problem for free, but wonderful ca legislation gave that the boot...

Transmission overhauled and jaguar s type 2000 still says there is a gearbox box fault light that comes on as soon as you turn ignition on that puts car int limp home mode no-one knows whats wrong?

get it code tested

How do you replace a front fog light on a jaguar s-type?

how to replace a fog light on a Jaguar?

Why does 1999 Check Transmission Light goes off comes back on?

You need to have the system checked for codes. You will then know why the light is coming on.

Where is the reverse light switch on a 2004 Chevy aveo?

Light comes on automatically when you put transmission in reverse, must be built in safety.

Why Renault clio servis light and air bag light comes on?

The lights come on to tell you that something is wrong. If you are unable to diagnose the problem it's a good idea to find someone who can.

What does it mean when transmission default light comes on in your ford F150 truck?

Maybe a sensor is messing up

Your Atoil light keeps coming on in your 2001 Honda passport what does this Mean?

The A/T oil light indicates that your automatic transmission fluid is hot. Check to make sure it is filled properly. If it is then take it to a shop to have them diagnose the issue.

Why no shifting in 1997 gmc t6 transmission when check engine light is on?

The transmission codes and functions are often controlled by the ecm, engine control module computer. The ecm stores the fault codes from the engine and transmission. It is telling you that you have a transmission problem, the vehicle must have the ecm scanned by a certified technician, to properly diagnose the problem.

How do you diagnose What is wrong when transmission light comes on on 1994 jaguar xj12?

I had a similar problem on a 1993 Sovereign. I'd cover about 5 miles then the Check Engine light would come on and the car would drive like a bag of nails. Look at the temperature sensor; if it's sending the wrong information to the ECU then the ECU will set the wrong fuel mixture. Clean the contacts of the temperature sensor first and if that doesn't work then replace it. Should cost in the region of £10 to £20 from a Jag dealer. Instantly fixed the problem for me. Biggles

Why is the transmission light on in your 1997 LHS?

There is no transmission light on a LHS.

Check engine light comes on and it blinks no power on a f150?

If your check engine light is blinking with the engine running that is indicating a misfire - get your vehicle scanned for any trouble codes to diagnose and then repair the problem