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How to you remove and replace an exhaust manifold for a 1984 Dodge Lancer 2.2L Turbo?


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fist undo all fuel lines and electrical leeds. it is optional to take off the carby but doesn't make much of a difference. now undo all your bolts on the top and bottom, now simply remove, best to have someone hold it up while you undo last few bolts. remove remembering to take the gasket with you.


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You have to remove the exhaust pipe from exhaust manifold on starter side. Now you have access. Get exhaust pipe to exhaust manifold gasket first, you will probably need to replace it after taking them apart.

Remove intake & exhaust manifold, then remove head. Requires knowledge and skill.

Remove the intake and exhaust manifold, then remove the head.

You will need to remove the exhaust manifold retaining bolts in your 1993 Chevy Astro. Remove the exhaust manifold. Remove the exhaust manifold gasket and clean the surface. Reverse the process to install the new exhaust manifold gasket.

this is a mechanics job you have to remove inlet manifold,exhaust manifolds,and then remove heads to replace the valves

2.3L quad 4 is located under the exhaust manifold passenger side. To replace you have to remove the exhaust manifold.

You must remove the exhaust manifold, intake manifold, and then remove the head. This is a major repair that should only be attempted by a pro.

Remove the exhaust pipe from the exhaust manifold. Remove the manifold bolts. Remove the manifold. Remove the manifold gasket and clean the surface. Reverse the process to install the new manifold gasket.

If it's an automatic you will have to remove the exhaust manifold because the thermostat is located on the backside of the engine on the driver's side under the exhaust manifold.

remove the intake and exhaust manifolds. there are bolts that attach them onto the head and there are bolts near the carburetor that attach the intake manifold to the exhaust manifold.

Remove the intake manifold, exhaust manifold, and then remove the head.

The gasket is between the head and the manifold and simply remove the bolts and replace the gasket after cleaning it real good.

Are you trying to remove the exhaust manifold,the muffler,or just the line running from the manifold connection to the muffler?

i have a 1998 ford Triton f 150 how do i remove the exhaust manifold right side

Under the front exhaust manifold. You have to remove the manifold to remove the starter.

Disconnect the frontand rear o2 sensor electrical connectors. Separate the catalytic converter from the flex-pipe. Remove the fasteners between the catalytic converter and the exhaust manifold. Disconnect the EGR tube from the catalytic converter. Remove band from the front of the catalytic that holds it to the bracket on the front of the engine block. Remove fasteners holding exhaust manifold to head.

No you do not have to remove manifold. It is a tight fit to get starter out and then back in again,,,have patience and play the wiggle game,,g luck have fun.

I've done this. No. Remove the air breather assembly to gain access to exhaust manifold. Disconnect O2 sensor that runs through heat shield. Remove heat shield by removing 5 nuts. Disconnect catalytic converter from manifold by removing five nuts. Remove the head to manifold nuts. Remove manifold. With the right tools and a bit of luck 1 hour.

You have to remove the exhaust manifold to get to the starter.

You just unbolt it. You first have to disconnect the exhaust pipe from the manifold then remove whatever you have to allow you to access the bolts and remove the manifold. It varies greatly from engine to engine. Some are easy and some are very hard.

Remove the intake manifold, remove the exhaust manifold, then remove the heads. Replace the gasket and reinstall everything. Unless you know what you are doing this is a major repair best left to a professional.

Chilton manual says to remove the splash guard from the fender well. Then remove the bolts from the catalytic converter to exhaust bolts. Unbolt the manifold bolts starting from the two center bolts, two rear bolts, then the two front bolts. remove the manifold. remove old gasket. replace. If you believe that then it is a relatively simple job. Good Luck!

Start at the exhaust manifold and follow the exhaust from the manifold rearward. You will find the O2 sensors. It may be mounted right on the manifold or somewhere on the exhaust pipe. Looks like a spark plug base with a single wire attached. Unhook the wire and use a boxed end wrench to unscrew & remove/replace the sensor.

Remove intake and exhaust manifold. Remove head and replace the gasket. This is a major repair best left to a professional.

It is usually bolted to the exhaust manifold, one except is the srt neons had a one piece exhaust manifold/turbine housing.

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