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How too get a ten year old date?

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Um.. he acts mean?

Young boys tend to do that when they like girls.

Oh yeah, they pull hair too.

Ok im at that age...10....i agree im very mature for my age but i acted extremely polite, tough, and the slightest bit rude to the extent where it made her laugh, funny, always smile

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Can a five year old and 10 year old date?

Five and ten are too young to actually date but you can certainly have a play date!

Will nick date a ten year old?

no. Much too young.

Why can't a 10 year old date a 13 year old?

A ten year old is too young to date. They are a child! Fourth grade is too young to be concerned with thhe other gender.

Can a ten year old date a fifteen year old?

No. It is illegal. A 10 year old is a minor and a child. The 15 year old is too old to date a 10 year old and is close to the age of consent at the age of 16 (depending on the state where they live) and could get into trouble.

Can you date a 9 year old?

NO. A 9 year old is too young to date.

How do you get a 10 year old boyfriend?

Okay if you wanna date a ten year old guy you must be very young too. So at least wait until your 11 or 12.

Is 36kg too thin for a ten year old?


Can 10 year olds date 15 year olds?

oh kay wow don't tell me ur another 10 year old girl who thinks they can date Justin bieber puh-lease!of course he looks ten years old too so it would all be cool, xept for the fact that if a 10 year old 4th grader asked Justin Bieber to be her boyfriend he'd probably say no, I'm sorry:(NO. Ten year olds do not date people. YOU ARE TOO YOUNG.

Can a ten year old date a 14 year old?

I'm not a person who is all for dating young, though dating a 14yr old at 10 I guess isn't too bad. good cause i want to.

Will a 14 year old date a 6 year old?

No, a 6yo is too young to date and for any romantic feelings.

Does ray ray date 11year olds?

yes he would date a 9 year old too i love ray ray and yes he would date an 11 year old too

Would a 16 year old ever want to date a 10 year old?

no! of course not a ten year old is way too immature for a 16 year old get real! 16 year olds these days want sex , as a ten year old they probably dont no what sex is and probably think its gross, a 16 year old would probably hav 2 be a pervert 2 go out with a 10 year old

Is it ok for a 11 year old to date a 14 year old?

it could be but they r just 2 year apart is that even bad No, 14 is too young to date and 11 is way too young to date.

Will dylan everett go out with a 10 year old?

No. A ten year old is far too young.

How do you get a 10 year old girl to date you?

10 year olds are too young to date. Forget it.

Would Aston off jls go out with a ten year old?

No Aston is too old for a 10 year old

How do you get a hot 9 year old boy to date you?

You don't. Nine years old is too young to date.

Is a 43 year old too old to date 18 year old?

My personal point of view, yes. But it is not illegal.

How do you get a hot 9 year old to date you?

You don't get a 9 year old to date. They are too young and if you are older it could result in prison time.

Can your 10 year old babysit for one night?

no! ten is way too young. who would leave a ten year old looking after their kids. I've been babysitting for a 12 year old before.

Can a eleven year old date a twelve year old?

In my opinion they are too young to date....however if u don't respect that you should date whoever makes you happy

Can a 14 year old date a 10 year old?

Both ages are far too young for dating and the age difference is too much.

Would Cody Simpson date a tall 10 year old?

No. Both are too young to date. The age of consent to date is 16 in most states and 18 in others. A 10 year old is still a child and can not date. He is 13 and still too young to date.

Can jaden smith date a 9 year old?

If he wants too

Can you date an 8 year old when you are twelve?

No, both of you are too young.