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How was it like in south Vietnam?


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South Vietnam was a countryside with US military personnel LIVING IN IT. It was like living in 19th Century America, ON THE FRONTIER. No running water, No bathrooms, No toilets, No refrigerators, No micro waves, No stoves, No TV's, No theaters, No swimming pools, No cars, No Video Games (they didn't exist then), No CELL PHONES (they didn't exist then), No lap tops/computers (they didn't exist then), No GPS (they didn't exist then), No Fishing Licenses, No Hunting Licenses, No Air-Conditioning, No Football Games, No Baseball Games, No Soccor Games, No Golfing, No Bowling, and No Female Campanionship. Just eating trail dust from riding tanks, ACAV's (Armored Cavalry Assault Vehicles/M-113's). Or flying in helicopters and walking. Sleeping, eating, drinking foul water, fighting insects (mostly mosquitos), snakes, exchanging gunfire once in awhile, an explosion once an awhile, more sleeping, eating, trying to find a creek or river to clean up in.