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How was the founding of Pennsylvania significant?

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Pennsylvania was founded as a more "free" state then the other colonies, with regards to religion that is. The Quakers were being persecuted all over America but when Penn. was founded, one of the first things William Penn (gov. assigned by Charles II of the British) did was to make his state free of all religious persecution which set an example. Many colonies and countries adopted free-religion legislature soon after.

Some measure of religios tolerance with an emphasis on European Quakers.

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Why was the founding of Pennsylvania important for colonists?

Pennsylvania was a religiously free colony.

In what state did the Founding Fathers meet?


What led to the founding of Pennsylvania?

ask your mom she was there

Who is the founding father of Pennsylvania?

William penn

Why is Benjamin Franklin significant?

Benjamin Franklin was one of the Founding Fathers of America. He served in many important positions such as the United States Minister to France, and the President of Pennsylvania.

How did the US acquire Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania was one of the original 13 colonies. As such, Pennsylvania was not acquired but one of the founding states of the United States.

What principles do the founding of providence Rhode Island the act of toleration of Maryland and the founding of Pennsylvania have in common?

religious toleration

Map of Pennsylvania colony?

it has a lot of maps from different time periods and it has a lot of information on the founding of Pennsylvania

What city did The founding fathers meet in to write the constitution?


What was the reason on Founding Pennsylvania?

It was founded as a haven for European Quakers.

Who was the founding father from Pennsylvania who was a member of the supreme court?


Motivation for founding Pennsylvania?

William Penn founded the Pennsylvania colony to present freedom to a group known as theQuakers.

What was the purpose for the founding of the Colony of Pennsylvania?

It was founded as a refuge for European Quakers.

Where did the founding fathers write the constitution.?

Philadelphia State House, Pennsylvania

What is the most significant founding event for Judaism?

When we received the Torah.

Who were the founding fathers from Pennsylvania?

Go to It has everyhting about Pennsylvania and a bunch of essays and stuff. It's free too!!!

What was the reason for founding Pennsylvania?

The reason is: Profit from sailing land; Religious Freedom.

What founding father started the Pennsylvania society for abolition of slavery?

Benjamin Franklin

Describe the founding of the Pennsylvania colony?

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What founding father from Pennsylvania who was a member of the first Supreme Court?

James Wilson

When was the Pennsylvania Health Insurance founded?

There is no such thing as "The Pennsylvania Health Insurance" and therefore it does not have a founding date. A better question would have been "Where can one get life insurance in Pennsylvania?"

Count von Zinzendorf founded what city in Pennsylvania?

Count von Zinzendorf led the Moravians in founding the city of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

What are facts about the Pennsylvania colony?

The Pennsylvania colony was founding by William Penn in 1682. The name Pennsylvania was given by King Charles II. On December 12,1787 the colony became a state.

What is the founding date of Pennsylvania?

On 12 December 1787 it became the second US State.

Which three colonies expressly permitted freedom of religion from their founding?

Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts