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How weak battery will induce engine vibration?

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βˆ™ 2006-09-29 00:16:44

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a weak battery will not cause an engine vibration.

2006-09-29 00:16:44
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Q: How weak battery will induce engine vibration?
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Why engine turns over then clicks and does not start?

Weak Battery? Loose or corroded battery cables? Weak starter solenoid? Bad starter? Weak Battery? Loose or corroded battery cables? Weak starter solenoid? Bad starter?

Why do you need a second battery to start your 350 4-barrel engine when it is hot?

Weak battery, weak starter, resistance in the battery cables, ignition timing,

What makes a engine turn over slow?

Weak battery, starter going bad, or engine out of time.

Why won't 2002 Tahoe start after using battery without running engine to inflate tires?

Dead or weak battery?

Is your battery weak if your voltage gauge moves down?

Weak battery, or weak alternator.

What would cause a clicking noise only when lights are on and engine does not start?

Weak battery? Loose or corroded battery cables? Starter solenoid?

Why does your 1992 Chevrolet k 2500 start so slow especially when the engine is cold?

Weak battery.

Why does a kohler lawnmower engine turn over slowly when starting?

Weak battery, or starter going bad.

Why would the battery light be dim?

It could mean weak batteries. If it gets better on starting and rev the engine, it is the battery otherwise it could be your alternator.

Will a car start if the alternator is going out?

It will start if there is enough charge in the battery to turn the engine over. However if the alternator is weak then the battery will not be charged fully.

1998 2.2 starter problems it will enguage but not turn over the engine and then disenguage.?

Weak starter drive? Broken tooth on flywheel (Ring gear) Weak battery? Weak starter solenoid?

Is it possible battery was too weak to start car also no gas in car?

Weak battery and no gas can both cause a no start.Weak battery and no gas can both cause a no start.

Battery light comes on and goes off while driving?

You possibly have a loose alternator belt or the alternator is weak. Check the voltage at the battery with the engine running. It should be 13.5 ? 16 volts. Any less and the alternator is weak and needs replacing. Also make sure the connections at the battery are clean and tight.

What are the signs of a siezed engine?

When you attempt to start engine, nothing happens-- similar to weak or dead battery. You may hear "click" and lights may dim, but engine will not rotate

Why won't my rx7 twin turbo won't start?

Engine won't turn over, no clicking noise: clutch sensor switch located near cluth pedal is malfunctioning. Engine won't turn over, clicking noise: weak battery, loose connection to battery or ground. Engine turns over, doesn't start: 1) weak battery 2) clogged fuel lines / fuel filter 3) dirty spark plugs 4) weak wiring / connections

Why on 93 ford explorer would voltage go down on when switching gears?

Could be a weak battery. As you change gears you drop engine revs, which slows alternator, which decreases the current flow to the battery. If the battery is weak or in a low state of charge lights will dim accordingly.

When engine gets hot it starts like it has a weak battery?

A lot would depend on how long it takes to get hot. Try checking the engine coolant level ,next, check the oil level. Then check the battery.

When you go to start your Dodge Caravan it clicks why?

Seized engine? Weak battery? Loose or corroded battery cables? Defective starter solenoid? Flat spot on starter?

Why do your car starts slow?

battery weak or alternater is not charging battery. a fully charged battery should read at least 14.5 volts running if alternater is charging.with engine off the battery should read about 13 volts,

Why would a car battery fail in very cold wearther?

Extreme cold puts a greater strain on the battery especially when the engine is cold. The oil in the engine is cold and does not flow as well as it does when it is warm. This requires more torque to turn the engine over and that puts a strain on any battery that is not in tip top shape. You either have a battery that is weak and needs replacing or the battery has too little CCA for the engine. Get the highest Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) rated battery you can get that will fit your car. The more CCA the easier it will be for the battery to start the engine when it is cold.

If all the lights work but the engine won't turn over could the battery be good enough for the lights but not the starter?

with the information you've given, it sounds like a weak battery.

Why 1996 patherfinder fail to crank after stopping the engine?

Dead or weak battery? Loose or corroded battery terminals? Bad starter? Bad starter solenoid? Neutral switch?

What causes your car to have power but not kick over?

could be numerous things from weak battery, bad starter or solenoid to...... the engine is siezed

You Turn ignition keyhave lights and radio but no engine turnover?

Seized engine? Weak battery? Corroded or loose battery cables? Bad starter or starter solenoid? Bad neutral or clutch safety switch? Bad ignition switch?

My car won't start it will only make a clicking noise What could be wrong?

More than likely the battery is to weak to start the engine. If it's not the battery, the starter may be the culprit.