How were slaves treated?

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Slaves were treated as property instead of people. They were

cruelly and harshly punished if they misbehaved, even killed if

they did not abide by their masters' wishes.

It was a very hard life as a slave and very difficult to imagine


Whole families would be taken from their homes in Africa against

their will and moved in dreadful cramped, diseased conditions on

ships. Many died during the voyage.

The people would then be sold as slaves - separated from their

family - and become the property of someone, just like you would

own a bicycle or a car. They had no rights at all.

This would mean they might have to change their name to that of

their owner, and work really hard for up to 18 hours a day in

terrible conditions.

"Addendum:" id="Addendum:">Addendum:

The fact is, aside from being personal property, once a slave

reached the plantation they enjoyed a standard of living much

higher than that of white, non-slave holding farmers.

Consider that in 1865, the US Army paid $150 a head for good

horses, what few remained. While five years earlier slaves sold for

$2000. One does not buy a Lamborghini Veneno to enter into a

demolition derby. Slaves were a huge investment and owners

typically did all they could to care for that investment.

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