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How were the ANZACs significant for Australia?

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ANZAC stand for Australia and New Zealand Army Corp. These were the troops that were sent to Europe for World War 1. Their main contribution was during the Gallipoli Campaign in Turkey.

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Who were the ANZACs-?

The ANZACs refers to the cultural practices of people of New Zealand and Australia.

What was a friend called by the ANZACs?

The ANZACs called their friends "mates". This term is still commonly used today in Australia.

Where did the Anzacs train prior to going to Gallipoli?

Australia and Egypt.

Why do you remember the ANZACS?

Anzac day remember us at war of of Australia.

Where were the ANZACS in the Darwin bombings?

The two events are entirely unrelated. The ANZACs were the Australia and New Zealand Army Corps who fought in World War I. The Darwin bombings were in World War II. Whilst some of the ANZACs had survived to fight again in WWII, they were not called the ANZACs then.

Which two countries were the ANZACs from?

The term ANZACs refers to the Australia and New Zealand Army Corps. Therefore, the two countries are Austrralia and New Zealand.

Why did the anzacs fight at gallipoli?

The Australia and New Zealand Army Corps were deployed to Gallipolli when the war began in the Middle East. There is no special region the ANZACs fought that battle.

Why did the Anzacs have to go to war?

to save Australia and new Zealand from getting destroyed/killed.

What date did the ANZACs land at Anzac Cove?

The ANZACs landed at Anzac Cove on 25 April 1915. This is the date now commemorated as Anzac Day in Australia and New Zealand.

Who is involved in the anzac army?

The ANZACs were troops from Australia and New Zealand. ANZAC stands for Australia and New Zealand Army Corps.

The anzacs were troops from Australia and?

New Zealand. ANZAC stands for Austrlia and New Zealand Army Corp.

Did the ANZACs write in cursive?

ANZAC - Australia and New Zeland Army Corps. I wonder if you mean Aztec?

Why is kylie minogue significant to Australia?

Kylie Minogue is significant to Australia because she is Australian.

Why did the Anzacs land at Gallipoli?

To help support the British, in fighting the Turk's. They believed they were fighting for her majosty, Australia and god.

When did the Anzacs arrive at Australia?

They arrived home in 1919 and 1920 as shipping became available in Europe and the Middle East.

Which countries fought on the same side as the ANZACS?

The ANZACS fought with the UK during both wars, so any ally of Britain was an ally of Australia and New Zealand. (i.e United States, France, Canada etc)

Anzacs in 1915?

The Anzacs in 1915 were in terrible conditions

Where did the ANZACs go to train?

The ANZACS trained in Egypt.

Did the ANZACS fight at Kokoda?

Yes and over 50,000 ANZACS lost their lifes its the most harmful war for the ANZACS

What country did New Zealand soldiers fought along side with?

New Zealand and Australia fought together. They were called ANZACs.

What did the anzacs sleep in at gallipoli?

the anzacs wouldn't sleep somet

Was there a female Australia explorer?

There were no significant female explorers of Australia.

How did the anzacs lose the war?

The ANZACs were on the winning side, so they did not lose the war. The attack on Gallipoli failed, but it was absolutely no fault of the ANZACs.

Why are anzacs heroes?

ANZACs are considered heroes because they fought valiantly against impossible odds. They accepted their orders without question, stood by their mates with unswerving loyalty, and showed their mettle in the face of the most horrific conditions. The ANZACs gave the new young country of Australia a focus. We now had our own heroes and did not have to look to Britain to lead.

Who did the ANZACs fight against in Gollipoli?

the anzacs fought the Turkish army