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They were fed a piece of bread and got some coffee without any sugar or milk. They were treated terribly, like they were not even human. Some of them didn't even like the food so many died of starvation only after a few days at the concentration camps.

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Q: How were the victims of the holocaust treated?
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How was the victims treated in the holocaust?

bad af

How were the other victims of the holocaust besides the Jews treated?

They were mainly treated as the same as the Jews were treated.

What were victims of the Holocaust described as?

Holocaust victims.

When were Holocaust victims saved?

Generally they would have been saved during the Holocaust, assuming that you are asking when Holocaust victims were saved from the Holocaust.

Who had it wosrt Holocaust victims or slaves?

A large proportion of the Holocaust victims were slaves. If you are meaning to compare to American slaves; you need to know that American slaves though treated poorly were actually treated better than most slaves in history, including people who were slaves under Nazi Germany.

Where are the Holocaust victims now?

The victims are dead.

Did the Holocaust victims consist of polish people?

YES, The Holocaust victims did consist polish people.

How were Jews victims in the holocaust?

They were victims in the way that they were persecuted and killed.

What is the center of the Holocaust?

the victims

What did Jude have to do with the holocaust?

they were the victims

How old were most Holocaust victims?

Most Holocaust victims were all ages, from newborns and unborns to 100 year olds.

How did the people that was involve in the Holocaust pick there victims?

That should be "How did the people that WERE INVOLVED in the Holocaust pick THEIR victims?" Moron.

How did most victims of the Holocaust die?

Most of the holocaust victims were either shot, execution style, or gassed with Hydrogen Cyanide.

Who was the victims in holocaust?

there were many many victims mainly jewis people

Why did the Tibetan people compare the treatment of their people by the Chinese government to the Nazis and the Holocaust?

It has become fashionable for any group that is persecuted to compare itself to the victims of the Holocaust - and the Tibetans have been treated badly by the Chinese government.

How did the holocaust victims died?


How did people of the holocaust that died or locked up become victims of the holocaust?


What were the discrimination against Catholics and Jews?

presumably you mean by the Catholics against the Jews; it was called the Holocaust. Though what happened in Yugoslavia was independent of the Holocaust, the victims are counted in with the victims of the Holocaust.

Why is the Holocaust all about Jews and only a small mention for non Jews?

The main victims of the Holocaust were people of the Jewish religion. There were other victims, but the Natzis were mainly focused on the Jewish religion when the Holocaust began.

What region was the holocaust?

The Holocaust itself had no religion as it was not a person, but the perpetrators were Christian and the victims were Jews.

What did the Jews have to do with the holocaust?

They - about six million of them - were the victims.

What was used to locate the victims of the Holocaust?


Who were some of the victims of the holocaust?

Annie Frank

Who bombed the 1945 German ship with holocaust victims aboard?

The were no Holocaust victims or survivors on board the Wilhelm Gustloff. The Nazis did not try to transport Jews to safety.

How were the victims treated in treblinka camp?

in all concentration camps, the victims were treated like filthy, pointless, worthless animals