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1) Pop the hood.

2) Take off the top two screws on top of the headlights.

3) Loosen the screw in the back of the headlight. I think it's supposed to be an alignment screw, but it's never really worked for me.

4) Pull out the headlight assembly. You might have a little bit of trouble since it might catch. In my case, it caught on the side near the grille. You might have to jiggle it around a bit.

5) Take off the little round, rubber cap in the back. The bulbs are behind there (low in left, high in right.)

6) Unplug the plug that goes into the bulb. Turn the bulb counter clock-wise, and pull the bulb straight out.

7) Connect the plug into the new bulb, and put it in carefully back in, lining it up with the notches. Turn the opposite way you did to take it off.

8) Put the rubber caps back on, making sure to seal it nice and tight.

9) Put the headlight assembly back in place. Might have to jiggle it around a bit.

10) Tighten the screw in the back, as well as putting in the top two screws.

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Q: How would you change the low beam headlights in a 2004 Expedition?
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